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Android App Development Services

Since the advent of the Android operating system, the mobile ecosystem has changed forever. The competing operating systems are nowhere to be found as Android enjoys the lion share of the OS market. This is the prime reason why developers favor Android over the iOS platform. Publishing an app on the Google Play Store is a less tedious process as compared to its counterpart. But this can be a boon or a bane for the Play Store. Which one is it really going to be? It is up to us to decide.

Android App Development Company India

The Designing phase consists of the outlay and style of the app to make it look aesthetically pleasing as well as technically sound. We create mock designs and go to the next three phases; development, testing and submitting the app.

During the ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT process, the focus is on creating functioning resources as well as a great user interface of the app. We also gather feedback to assess how the design process is going. This is the most crucial part of the whole development process. This decides whether an App is going to be a famous app or just another app on the market.

The testing phase is pretty self-explanatory. It is the phase where the consistency and working of the app are put to the test for finding out if any bugs that might have remained or any tweaks to the interface that might be needed. Only after a clean chit in the testing phase do we proceed to the next phase.

After the app has been thoroughly tested, what we do is submit the app to the play store. A lot of resources and work hours go into fully developing a successful and great app.

While looking for an Android App Development Company India, make sure that they have the technical expertise and the latest resources at their disposal as we do. Selecting an app developer is a very crucial and key decision in the development process as the app has the power to make or break your company. Therefore, it is very important to begin well and select JDM Web Technologies for your Android App Development process. We are just an email behind to build your success path.

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