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Engineering SEO

The field of engineering is the building block of society and human advancement. Engineering is the personification of human ambition and will. For such an ambitious industry, it is important to have a presence on the most visited platform today, the Internet. Today, just having an online presence is not going to cut it. There are certain nuances to increasing traffic organically to a website and we at JDM Web Technologies offer you professional engineering SEO services that you can rely on.

SEO Explained

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is an entirely new way of approaching marketing. Search Engine Optimization incorporates strategies, services, and tools that are employed to improve the ranking of your website on Search Engine Result Pages or SERP’s.

For instance, whenever you query something on Google, it returns a list of pages containing relevant results. In those results, there’s an order that follows from first to last. What SEO can do for your website is to make it rank higher on those pages so that visitors or prospective clients can easily find it.

Search Engine Optimization consists of work on the website and everything related to it. Any positive can help you increase your Google ‘trust score’ and help you climb in the rankings. There’s a customized solution for every business out there at JDM Web Technologies and SEO engineering services require are a bit complex and needs technical know-how. This makes choosing your engineering SEO services provider all the more important.

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On-page and Off-page Optimization

On-page and Off-page are the two phases of our SEO engineering services in which we optimize your website to perform at its full potential. On-page optimization means improving anything and everything on the page that can lead to a better website and thus a great user experience. A comprehensive strategy for an existing or a brand new website should be centered around on-page SEO elements, hence the name.

Some important elements that we concentrate on are:

Web Design: One of the first impressions that people have about a brand comes usually from how their website looks. We work on designing the website in such a way that it reflects positively on your name and it increases the user experience of every visitor. The more you can keep the visitors engaged on your website, the more are the chances of you getting an actual lead.

Images: By adding high-resolution images on your website, we give it a professional look. We try to give the visitors a brief idea of what you do. Images combined with good content will probably engage a visitor more than a text-only website.

Meta Tags, copies, and titles: Meta Tags, copies, and titles: We create Meta tags that are relevant to the service you provide and make sure the usability is increased. Pages with optimized title tags, body copies and page titles are more likely to be shared by people. Optimizing these elements helps in increasing the relevance score of your website which also helps in rankings.

ContentYou need to develop content that is informative to your prospective clients. The informative content should be error and plagiarism free to leave a piece of good information on the visitors.

This brings us to Off-page optimization. This phase encompasses driving traffic to your website with the help of other websites on the internet. For a fruitful engineering SEO strategy, JDM Web Technologies works to make you look good both on-page and off it.

For Off-Page Optimization, These Factors Must Be Considered:

SEO for manufacturers can prove to be beneficial in a lot of ways.

SEO has revolutionized the way manufacturing marketing is approached today. The advantages are:

Social Media

It is probably the most powerful platform out there for increasing awareness about a specific business or brand name. By having a social media presence, you can create positive impressions which will have much deeper penetration than traditional advertising channels. On top of being cost-effective, social media keeps you connected directly to your key demographic.


These are mentions of your website on other pages which link back to it. Backlinks need to be approached carefully though as every link and mention is monitored by search engines. We create quality backlinks form proven and high-quality web pages which signal to search engines that your website is of similarly high caliber.


When you generate unique content for your webpage, it is very important to market it correctly. We work with media influencers and platforms to create awareness about the website. We work with related website and companies for content marketing as it has a huge potential for driving traffic to the website.

Our SEO strategy

What SEO engineering services need is difficult to estimate when you are just starting out. However, you can never go wrong if you get these basics right.


You need to know what people search for on the internet when looking for you. With proper research and analysis, we can find out targeted long-tail keywords which will drive specific traffic to the website. This will also help you edge out the competition and generate leads of high caliber and potential.


SEO never sleeps. It’s an endless process which only continues with monitoring. With our proper monitoring, you can adjust some parameters if need be and make sure you are getting the results you want.

Quality Content

Content matters a lot and this has never been truer than today’s content-driven internet. For an engineering service provider, it is important that their website be an authoritative knowledge resource and that can be achieved by publishing distinct content which helps or informs people. Content also needs to be interactive or engaging such as a Video or an infographic to keep visitors engrossed.

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