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Link Building Packages

We are a leading Link Building Services Providing company, having more than 11 years of experience in working for different businesses or companies to offer top-notch and affordable Link Building Packages solutions. Among various areas of our expertise, White Hat Link Building tactic has always been our forte. We have a deep understanding of creating editorial SEO backlinks and thus we can assure the best results to our clients at affordable pricing.

  • Domain Authority 20+ - 50 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 30+ - 30 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 40+ - 10 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 70+ - 10 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 20+ - 50 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 30+ - 50 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 40+ - 25 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 70+ - 25 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 20+ - 70 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 30+ - 50 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 40+ - 40 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 70+ - 40 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 20+ - 100 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 30+ - 80 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 40+ - 60 Backlinks
  • Domain Authority 70+ - 60 Backlinks

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Increase Your Website Ranking With Editorial SEO Backlinks Tactic

When it comes to selling your products for generating optimum revenue and higher profit, you ought to devote attention to digital marketing today. This will help you to make a stronger presence in the virtual world and it will also enable you to spread amongst a huge number of people in a very short span of time. You must be wondering as to how this would be possible. Well, we are here at JDM Web Technologies to take care of that. With our optimized link building strategy along with other off-page SEO activities, we will expand the reach of your business throughout the online world from where people will get to know about your products and brands and gradually proceed forward to buy those as well. We offer both on-page and off-page SEO solutions and our link building process belong to the off-page SEO category.

Ultimately, you will be the one to be benefitted from the enormous sale of your products and simultaneously popularizing your brand as well. Our link building techniques are not only customized to cater to all kinds of business requirements but also are available in all kinds of price ranges so that starting from small, medium to large-sized businesses can avail the services according to their budget.

Here are some of the main features that will give you a brief idea about our packages:

First and foremost, you must understand that link building involves embedding your business website with some vital links that are related to your products and/or services so that it becomes easier for the viewer to make out the main purpose of your products. This will also raise your website visibility in the Google search results by improving the ranking and thereby help in increasing the page traffic as well. In order to do this, we have various link building plans like Start-up Package, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

We at JDM Web Technologies, make sure to integrate link building process for your website as per the Google links scheme and follow white hat search engine optimization guidelines to improve the popularity of your business website. In fact, this is very useful, especially if you are dealing with online shopping and services because this requires as many visits to the website as possible. Therefore, we make sure to develop the exact strategies and algorithms through our link building plans so that your website gains the highest traffic amongst the crowd.

At JDM Web Technologies, we take care of your return on investment too. In fact, we have made our link building pricing for your business website taking into consideration the cost factor as well. That is why, our link building agency since 2009 is said to be very much cost-effective so that with minimal input or investment, you get to extract the greatest output or in this case, the return on investment. We hear our customers, discuss in detail about the requirements and accordingly proceed towards the exact link building in your business websites.

If you want to get natural links pointing to your website try JDM Web Technologies' link building for your website and bring it on the top page of Google.

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Strategic Link Building Packages

At JDM Web Technologies, we realize that the needs of every business are unique. For this reason, we build and customize link building packages that consider your specific business goals. To best reach your target audience, your marketing strategy must be built around your business, your service area, your products, and your website must be customized to your strategy. There exist no perfect link building packages that can meet the needs of all businesses, but JDM Web Technologies, can customize the ideal package for you.

At JDM Web Technologies, we provide a variety of link building packages to serve a broad spectrum of businesses. To achieve the best outcomes that are long-lasting, our services are offered to you in a campaign. By providing our services in this way, we can customize our services and tailor them to your business’s goals. You can have less stress and peace of mind knowing that JDM Web Technologies are experts at growing your business and providing the best link building packages. We have been in business since [date], and we have worked with a wealth of clients from large companies with a vast global presence to small businesses with only a few employees. No matter the size or location of your business, JDM Web Technologies can help you grow.

Best Quality Link Building Packages

Your business is likely the most crucial investment that you have. For this reason, you deserve to grow it by using the best company that can do that for you. At JDM Web Technologies, we are experts at helping businesses of all sizes, in all industries grow their brand organically. Unlike our competition, who structure their pay-per-link packages with a metric design domain authority center, we provide the best quality links no matter what your budget. Our plans are uniquely designed to meet every budget and focus on the competitiveness of your industry. The time it takes to generate links depends on how competitive that industry is. For this reason, we structure our links and packages based on competitiveness.

The Way It Works

At JDM Web Technologies, we utilize a 3-Step process to creating our link building packages for your business. It all starts with getting to know you and your business and understanding your goals. Once we have this understanding, we begin building the packages that will work best for you and your business.

Step 1 – Understanding

To be able to build the best link building packages for you, we must have a sound understanding of your business, goals and what you expect out of the campaign. We accomplish this through research and looking very closely at your competition. From doing this, we can understand what link tactics are effective and what is not. We can then use this knowledge to better structure your link building packages.

Step 2 – Prospecting

Once we have all the research and information that we need, we begin creating lists of websites that would be willing and interested in working with us. Once the list is made, we carefully review the sites and narrow down a shortlist of the ones that we would like to use most. When that list is finalized, we then begin the process of reaching out to these websites to establish a relationship.

Step 3 – Negotiation

At JDM Web Technologies, we are experts at negotiating with websites for link placement. It can be challenging but we have tremendous success in obtaining significant link placement for our clients. We accomplish this by being creative, professional and by building an excellent rapport during the negotiation process. Once the links have been placed, we continue to work on the relationship with these websites to create pathways for future campaigns you may wish to begin.

Our Link Building Techniques

Getting natural backlinks for your website is the aim of our Link Building Team. We are always dedicated to searching for the opportunities to create backlink for your website so that search engine crawler can find your website to be trustworthy enough to be featured on the first page of the search engines. Our effective link building strategy includes different tactics or methods for creating backlinks for your website. You can find a glimpse of those techniques or tactics in the following section.

Article Submission Article Submission
Article Submission
Business Listing Business Listing
Business Listing
Infographics Submission Infographics Submission
Infographics Submission
Microblogging Microblogging
Podcast Submission Podcast Submission
Podcast Submission
Profile Links Profile Links
Profile Links
Web Blogging Web Blogging
Web 2.0 Blogging

We use numerous link building methods and that is why our experience in the link building process is unique as well as effective. We aim to create a mix of different methods of link building. Basically, using the same method for link building over a short period of time has been viewed as over promotional activities by search engine viewers. Instead of promoting a business more than the requirement will eventually lead your business into a lot of hassles.
Due to over promotional activities, the search engine may treat your business marketing campaign unethical. This is where we can assure clients that we make a mix of different link building tactics. As a result, a business marketing campaign appears natural and not over promotional or over-aggressive in terms of business as well as product marketing. Hence, we commit to offering the most ethical and affordable link building solution to the customers.

Major Highlights of Our Link Building Services Plans

We have major features of our link building service. Those features are discussed in the following section.

Affordable Price

The major feature of our linking building service is the price. We have crafted packages in a manner so that it can prove to be affordable to everyone. From small scale business to large scale organization, we have offered our quality link building services for everyone.

Core Expertise

Being one of the leading offshore SEO services providers, we always consider that link building an area of our core expertise. It is our forte and thus we assure the best results to our clients. Our service will prove to be highly satisfactory for you.

Professional Quality

One thing that we have never compromised through the professional journey is quality. We are committed to building high-quality backlinks for your business website from trusted web platforms. Quality has always been regarded as the most important thing by our link building experts.

No Toxic Links

Even one toxic link can cause major hassles in the business marketing process for your company. A toxic link generated from spam or unethical website can make your whole business marketing campaign futile or nonproductive. With our most affordable link building techniques, we give the most trustworthy and result fetching link building solution.

Links From The Same Niche

Following your business niche is important for the purpose of link building. You can get links on the same niche with ease with our effortless link building solution.

JDM Web Technologies: Link Building Plans and Pricing

Price Per Month $495/m $695/m $995/m $1295/m
Guest Posting 5 10 20 50
Article Subimssion 10 15 20 30
Blog Posting 10 15 20 30
PR Submission 1 2 3 5
Content Sydication 10 20 30 100
Unique Article Writing 2 3 4 6
Unique PR Writing 1 2 3 5
Unique Blog Writing 2 3 4 6
Social Bookmarking 10 15 20 30
Business Lisitng 3 5 10 15
Profile Links 5 10 15 20
Infogrpahic Creation 1 2 3 5
Infogrpahic Submission 5 10 15 25
Podcast 5 10 15 25
Local Classified 10 15 20 25
Video Submission 1 2 5 10
PDF Submission 2 5 7 10
Microblogging 10 20 30 50
Monthly Links 100 150 200 300
Payment Method Payment Method

JDM Web Technologies: Link Building Plans and Pricing


Yes. We offer ethical link building service and we do not build unnatural or spam backlinks. If you choose link building packages from our company, you shall definitely find a lot of unique benefits. The most important thing is that these benefits will help your online business to grow or your website to gain a higher number of visitors.

We are a professional service provider, having more than 11 years of experience in link building services. We always abide by professional ethics and always concern about fetching the best link building campaign results for the clients. Our professional commitment ensures the best result for your business with perfection. We have designed the link building packages in a unique way so that quality backlinks for your business website come from various good value website.

Our strength is our team. We have a team of people who are always enthusiastic about challenging tasks. We take every business as unique and craft unique action plans to make those businesses successful. Our link building team is always comfortable to work with the requirements from clients. We offer customized link building solutions, as demanded by the clients.

We are a trustworthy service provider which believes in getting into long term cooperation. With long term cooperation and consistent effort with SEO link building packages, your online business can create significant brand exposure. With our link building services, you can find your website’s keywords rankings get improved significantly. Your website shall start getting more organic traffic and eventually that would result in higher sales.

We have designed different packages to suit different requirements of clients. You can check the cost of the packages on our website. For a customized link building plan, you can get in touch with us anytime via email. Write an email to us and you shall end up finding the best support from our executives regarding answering your queries.

JDM Web Technologies Difference

Our extensive experience and passion for the business have allowed us to be the best at what we do. Our staff is hardworking and dedicated to helping you and your business succeed. We also pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service in the industry. Once you’ve had the chance to work with us and allow us to create the best linking building packages for your business, you’ll understand why so many of our clients are repeat clients and why we are the number growing marketing firm in our area.

We are a reliable link building service provider company that understands ethical aspects and other crucial details of Digital Marketing. We are always committed to delivering top-notch solutions regarding link building for better results. You can contact us to know more about our link building packages.