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Local SEO Packages

Is your business target audience is based on a nearby location or demographic of a specific region where the product/service can serve? If the answer is YES, then you are in the right place. JDM Web Technologies provides you the best affordable Local SEO Packages which will increase your website rankings and branding awareness by giving the best Local SEO Services. Our Local SEO Pricing starts from $159 keeping mind the budget of small business for their Local SEO promotion.

SEO Service is a much broader concept, and when it is being narrowed down to a much precise audience based on location or demography of a specific region where the product/service is relevant, then it is known as Local search engine optimization. At JDM Web Technologies, we offer affordable Local SEO Package Pricing that will be useful for your business to streamline the process of advertising and marketing. It is time to have a thorough look over the details of our affordable SEO pricing so that you can choose your service based on your requirement.

If you want to improve your web presence in your local market, we provide the very best local SEO packages to get that done. We offer a variety of packages and can help you choose the perfect plan for your business and goals. Our in-house SEO experts will take your business to the next level by using the very best and most successful SEO strategies for your local market.

Google Presence

Our local SEO packages not only focus on search engine ranking for your area, but we also make sure that your business is easily located on Google Maps. This is a small but essential step that many of our competitors miss. Helping your customers find your location is key to expanding and growing your business organically. We will make sure that all your important information is visible on Google, easily retrievable and accurate. Incorrect information that is listed online can be seriously harmful. How does it benefit you to rank highly on a search engine if your phone number is wrong? How much profit has been lost because a potential client called the phone number listed online and reached a “No Longer In Service” message? Our expert staff and our local SEO packages will ensure that this never happens to you.

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What’s Standard

All our local SEO packages come with a wealth of features to help you improve your online visibility. We give you everything you need to increase local foot traffic to your location, including.

  • Project management of your local SEO packages and easy access to staff should you have questions or concerns.
  • You will have an SEO Dashboard that you can review anytime you like. On this dashboard, you will receive real-time information about your local SEO packages and plans.
  • We will provide you with detailed and comprehensive reports regularly. We can also provide resources and marketing material if you so desire.
  • Your packages contain additional keyword research, website reviews and audits as well as in-house content creation.
  • We also provide the very best customer service in the industry.

To better service your business and meet your specific needs, we have provided different levels to our local SEO packages. Most of our packages offer the same services but how much of that service or the details of that service depend on the level that you decide to purchase. In does this, we have created easily customized SEO options that will work for any business in any industry.

SEO Plans and Pricing

Price Per Month $ 159 $ 259 $ 359
Keywords Plan 5 10 15
Google Places - Setup / Optimization
Google Places - Photo/Multimedia additions (Content Provided by Client)
Google Places Reviews (Provided by Clients)
Address Matching
Business Listing
Local Directory Listings
Google Map Embedded
Footer Address
Monthly Status Report
Google Analytics Reporttd>
Payment Method Payment Method
SEO Plans and Pricing

Benefits of Choosing the Best Local SEO Packages

At JDM Web Technologies, we take care of the requirements of our clients with perfection. We understand professionalism, and we are committed to bringing the best solutions for the clients with fulfillment. Local SEO is something different from the conventional SEO services. Hence, we have the specialized team to deal with the local SEO packages. Other services mostly cater to conventional SEO services in the name of local SEO. Many services provider make a few changes on the SEO packages to cater local SEO packages. This is where we stand different from others. We are unique and effortless in terms of providing end to end local SEO solutions for our clients.

So, why should you choose us? What makes us unique and what are the benefits of choosing us? You can find the answer to all these questions in the following section.



Local SEO services are required by many small-scale businesses, and we have worked with such companies quite extensively. From our experience, we understand the priority regarding the budget of the business owners. That is why we ensure low budget service to our clients regarding local SEO pricing.



When it comes to local SEO, no other services can match our competence in providing the best local SEO service. We have a team which holds supreme knowledge and technical expertise. We are a team which assures perfect local SEO solution to clients.



Local SEO may emerge as a term in recent times, though it has a root of the past. We possess years of experience, and we are well-versed with different search engine optimization methods. Local SEO is our forte, and we can fetch the most satisfactory results for you.


Local Language

For local SEO, local language carries much importance. With writing, there are some local sentiments. A business or organization should respect that sentiment and should respect local language. Business marketing should embrace local charm to attract local people. We offer different language based local SEO solution and this why we are an expert in this sector.


Tactical Services

We offer tactical services to our clients. We have different strategies and methods for SEO. We feature unique and effective SEO solutions with perfection. With our affordable local SEO pricing, we offer services that suit everyone. We have worked with businesses belonging to different domains, and we served them with perfection.


Understand Your Business

For local search engine optimization, understanding the business is essential. Finding the potential growth areas of the business is important. Nevertheless, business functional areas and targeted customers are required to be understood for effective local SEO. At JDM Web Technologies, our experts understand these things with perfection.

Our Clients and Areas of Expertise

We have designed our local SEO services pricing in a way so that clients can be utterly benefitted. We have clients, belonging to different business spheres and thus we can that we can serve all kinds of businesses with their local SEO campaigns. As stated earlier, local SEO has been intended for catching the attention of local audiences. Many companies have local target audiences rather than global audiences. Many global businesses try to capture local recognition for their business success. So, here are some of the business functional areas which need local SEO service. We have designed our local SEO services pricing for all sorts of businesses, but the following companies need such services the most.

Real Estate
Real Estate:

From real estate advisors to suppliers of the raw materials, different real estate companies need local SEO for gaining recognition or exposure among the targeted audiences. We offer advanced real estate local SEO service for the likely and professional real estate groups.

Legal Firms
Legal Firms:

Lawyers and legal firms need local SEO service, and for that, you can opt for our local SEO packages. We have worked with many businesses, related to the legal territory or domain. We have helped them to attain better brand identity and more recognition with ease.

Finance Firms:

Financial consulting firms have been benefitted immensely with local SEO services that have been provided by us. We are a team of experienced people having exceptional knowledge in providing local SEO services to clients.


Our local SEO team has worked with the education sector as well. We are a team of trained personnel who are in the web marketing for the education sector for a long time. Local SEO is needed for private institutions, business schools, colleges, and other such institutions.


A healthcare unit needs local SEO so that people within a region or locality or neighborhood can know about it. People from other states would hardly come to visit a healthcare center unless the center offers something unique or exceptional in the healthcare sector. So, our local SEO services packages have been done to suit both large and small scale healthcare units. We are a team of experts who are poised with exceptional knowledge and supreme expertise to provide support for local SEO to the healthcare-related businesses.


Global or local retail chain needs local SEO services from the professional webmasters. Now, the question is why global retail chains need local SEO? The reason is simple. The brand is global, but retail chains are operated for a region or neighborhood only, targeting the local audiences. JDM Web Technologies offers local SEO for retail businesses.

Our team assures low cost and budget-friendly SEO packages for small business. Many small-scale companies have worked with us without facing any budget concerns. We have remained always committed and effortless in serving the clients with the most budget-friendly solutions. Though budget can be negotiated, we are strict in terms of maintaining the standard of the service. No compromise has been done in this regard.

What exactly will I receive in my local SEO services packages?

Our local SEO packages are designed to be customizable. At JDM Web Technologies, we realize that no two businesses are the same. For this reason, we have designed and created our local SEO services to be entirely customizable in pricing, function and services. Your dedicated Project Manager will be able to work closely with you to determine which configuration will work best with your company’s industry, demographics and goals. To provide a generalized overview though, almost all our local SEO services packages contain some aspects of the following.

Analysis of Your Competition:

We spend a considerable amount of time researching and reviewing your competition. We analyze their website and online presence to discover themes and to see what works for them and what does not. We pay special attention to those competitors that outrank you and are ranking at the very top of your industry in your area. We learn what is working for them so we can better understand what will work for you.

Local Citations:

Your local citation is the information found online that gives details about your business, such as an address, telephone number, hours of operations and GPS coordinates on map applications. Often, this information is incorrect, and this costs businesses significantly when considering lost sales. For example, if your phone number is listed incorrectly, when a potential client calls you and gets a non-working number message, they move onto the next business. They may even report your company as being permanently closed which would then remove you entirely from online directors. For this reason, we review edit and monitor all your online citation information. We make sure that it is up to date, wholly accurate and working hard to help you succeed.

Website Content:

As part of our local SEO packages, we are continually reviewing and conducting keyword research to ensure that your website content is working for you and helping you rank high on the search engines. We also provide improvements to your content, including microdata, and help you public content that is specially targeted to your local audience.


It is common knowledge that when most people search online, they Google it. For this reason, we pay special attention to Google. We work diligently to enhance and improve your My Business page on Google. We also make sure that you are located correctly on Google maps so that potential customers can find you quickly and easily.


At JDM Web Technologies, we closely monitor all of the efforts and work that we are doing for you. We precisely follow the ranking of keywords, all your organic traffic, leads, calls, your competitors' keywords and their performance and much more.


We install and continually review Google analytics advanced tracking as well as all the other data we have gathered during monitoring and daily monitoring of all efforts on your behalf. From this information, we create detailed reports to inform and advise you of everything that is happening with and as a result of your local SEO services. At JDM Web Technologies, we believe in complete transparency and want to keep you as up to date as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Local SEO Package Pricing

Regarding our Local SEO Package Pricing for small business, many service seekers have a lot of questions. We have tried to list up those frequently asked questions regarding our service. So, let us check them out.

Local SEO is different from conventional SEO, and our team believes that local SEO has some fixed purposes to serve. A business that is operating in a region should focus on more advertising to get popular within the target area. For this, conventional SEO would not work. It will be a time-consuming thing to gain local attention with conventional SEO. Nevertheless, the global attention that conventional SEO serve may not be in use of your business. This is why we have designed specialized local SEO packages. Our packages are designed to deliver benefits to small-scale businesses in the local region or smaller region.
Local SEO shall suit you perfectly if you have a newly started business or your business only aims to deliver services within a fixed region. A freshly launched business faces global competition, but at the local level competition stays low. Thus, it is always effective to opt for local SEO to attain cost-effectiveness. It helps the newly started businesses to gain good business recognition at low cost. It eventually helps the businesses to gain better SEO results.
Yes, you can customize the packages as you need. However, we recommend that to follow our ideas as our experts possess excellent knowledge. These packages are designed with perfection to help the small-scale businesses. With these packages, your business will make significant progress in terms of better local SEO marketing campaign. Customization of the local SEO packages without proper thinking process may cause the delay in fetching the Best SEO Services results. Thus, we always recommend following our Local SEO packages, though we are flexible and you can talk to our team anytime for customized service.
It takes time to show up local SEO results. It is not a matter which can be resolved or done within a few days. It is a matter that depends on many factors. The most important thing is a well-planned approach, and this is what we guarantee to our clients. However, there are certain external factors. Some businesses find the quicker result and some businesses struggle a little to get the results. External factors, like keyword's competition, target area competitiveness, Google’s algorithm and many other things influence the ranking system.
Being an ethical service provider, we are always committed to offer ethical service. We have white hat SEO methods to show to you – not grey hat and not at all black hat. We assure that you get the most top-notch and effortless service with us without facing any issues. Giving your long sustaining SEO solutions is our commitment.

If you have any confusion or doubts about which of our local SEO packages is ideal for your business and goals, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with developing a comprehensive regional SEO strategy that will grow your business and brand. We pride ourselves on offering phenomenal customer service and our packages are designed in a way that they can be customized to meet your business’s unique and specific needs. From qualify backlines, online reputation management, directory lists and guest blogs that will boost your visibility, we have unlimited options to get you the results that you want and deserve.

To attain our Local SEO services and to get the best local SEO package solutions, get in touch with us anytime. Our experts will provide the best guidance to you with perfection!