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PHP Development Services

A wise man once said that the pen is mightier than the sword. However, we believe that, had that wise man been in today’s time, he would have said, a keystroke is mightier than the sword.

We at JDM Web Technologies does a variety of jobs which mainly results in Custom Development of programs, applications, & websites using the dynamic program-scripting language called PHP. Depending on the kind of projects we execute, we can be alternatively called software developers or web developers because we do web development as well as business application development.

Our Feat In Web Industry

This is the value we at JDM Web Technologies bring to our clients. By making the right keystrokes and codes we aim to develop futuristic applications which are capable to provide you that extra edge over your competitors and land you great business opportunities. Our codes are simple enough to understand and extremely user-friendly.

Why Hire PHP Web Development Company?

A Best Web Development Company in India mainly focuses on web development. It has a narrower scope of work and that is where we differ from them. We endeavor to provide turnkey solutions to our clients for all their technological needs. Be it on the web or off the web. We at JDM Web Technologies have enhanced our scope of work in such a way that we present ourselves as a one-stop solution for all your technological needs.

Following are the broad category of services that we provide, that a typical PHP Web Development Company does not:

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Our PHP Development Services Include

While the scope of PHP web development is huge, we at JDM Web Technologies offer the following services to our clients:

PHP Application
Custom PHP Application Development

We provide Custom PHP development services to our clients and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our applications are completely engineered for you.

Custom PHP Programming and Scripting

Programming and scripting services are not just customized according to your needs but also tested before being finalized. We troubleshoot for these as well, giving you the best experience.

Custom PHP Product Development

Product development is something that requires extensive knowledge of your subject. We excel in this field. We have a separate team dedicated to product development which ensures that you get everything just as you want.

PHP and Active Directory Integration Services

This allows you to authenticate individual users on a real-time basis. Instead of putting your entire directory on the server, which is really inefficient, you can authenticate users as and when required. Again, it uses PHP language to do the said integration.

Flash Flex
PHP and Flash/Flex Integration

This service uses PHP language to allow you to use your database in MySQL in your flash movie. It can also be used for the call to action keys, on flash interfaces.

PHP and Python/Django Integration Services

Usually, we just include the PHP web development services script directly into the python code. Depending upon the kind of interaction you need, they can be used for the call to action directly.

Python and ASP .NET Integration Services

We use IronPython to write code to run on .NET and call that code from within an ASP.NET project.

Existing Application Porting and Migration

This service is for our clients who wish to port from other platforms. We are happy to help you migrate across platforms. Our team of web developers has a vast experience in this area as well.

Responsive Web Development with the PHP, HTML5, and JavaScript

Web development that is interactive and downright responds to commands given. It is truly a team of experts here at JDM Web Technologies that can take your website to a completely new level.

Migration of Existing Perl Application to PHP

There are various ways of doing it. The objective here is to ensure that the Perl applications start working with Microsoft SQL server, which, then can be used as desired using PHP.

PHP Consulting Services

To new and potential customers, who are still unaware of the potential of PHP development services, we at JDM Web Technologies offer special consulting services to create awareness of the ways they can use custom PHP development services to start and grow their business.

QA Testing
PHP Web Application QA Testing Services

Quality Assurances and testing services decide the success of a mobile application. We at JDM Web Technologies offer the following broad category of QA/Testing services, Functional Testing, Laboratory Testing, Performance Testing, Memory Leakage Testing, Interrupt Testing and the like.

Content Management
Custom Content Management System Development

A content management system is responsible for managing digital content creation and modification. We ensure that you have exactly what you need, as we tailor-make it for you as per your needs and requirements.

responsive design
Responsive Web Development Using PHP Frameworks

A programming language as we all know has certain frameworks within which they operate. We use the frameworks within PHP web development services to have the most responsive web work.

Document Management
Custom Document Management System Development

A good content management system cannot be great until it has an equally specialized document management system. Whatever be your business, in the spirit of transparency and to get the auditors off your back, you need to have an audit trail for every business decision. Our customized document management system allows you to organize, store and recall documents in an easy and efficient manner. Filing and fetching documents will never get any easier than this.

Why Hire Us As Your PHP Development Company in India?

We at JDM Web Technologies believe in bringing something unique to the table in order to be helpful to our clients. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We provide a one-stop solution when it comes to your digital needs. The list of our Custom PHP Development services include:

Customer satisfaction is the epitome of every business. We at JDM Web Technologies do not just stop there. For us, a customer is satisfied only when they don’t have to keep rushing to us for corrections or issues after the job has been completed. When they are able to use and put our developed website on full autopilot, only then do we consider our jobs done.

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