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PPC Packages: PPC Management Pricing & Plans

PPC Services is very important for business owners who are looking for quick results, traffic and sales for their online business. We at JDM Web Technologies offers PPC Packages in India which are not only affordable moreover comes with various kind of PPC plans in a different budget for various business industry scale, but also care to take into consideration the return on investment factor of the clients too.

  • $800-$1,000 Ad Spend
  • Google Search Network
  • Text Ads
  • Bid Management
  • Monthly Report
  • $1,000-$2,000 Ad Spend
  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Remarketing
  • Monthly Report
  • $2,000-$5,000 Ad Spend
  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Remarketing
  • Monthly Report

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Some Of The Key Benefits Of PPC Packages We Offer Are:

  • Our PPC services comprise of the start-up package, the silver package as well as the gold package too. Each has got its exclusive features and prices specific for specific business demands.
  • The necessary steps of our PPC packages include consultation and setup, campaign optimization, display network services, remarketing campaign and other services like landing page consultation, Google Ad extensions and finally the resultant reports. There is also a provision of adequate customer support for our esteemed customers too because we care for their problems and help them to get free from all such issues.
  • Our PPC packages are crafted in such a manner including Competitor website, landing pages analysis that will, in turn, enable the clients to understand the pulse of the ongoing trends too.
  • At the same time, we also make sure that the PPC landing pages are optimized entirely regarding page speed, call to actions buttons and user-friendly layout. This is because it is the landing page that the customer first visits and make the inquiries related to their needs.
  • Through our PPC packages in India, we use various bid adjustments techniques such as manual, automatic to bring out the best results of each marketing campaigns.
  • Based on the requirement analysis of our clients' businesses, we manage to prepare banners ads and text ads for better marketing efforts and results.
  • We use numerous tools while creating the PPC marketing campaigns from the initial part of the keywords analysis, landing page analysis and make the recommendations as well. We make sure to use an appropriately incorporate those tools so that your business products and brands are highlighted to the maximum possible extent with the help of our PPC services.

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Why Should I Buy PPC Packages?

With our PPC packages, your paid marketing will escalate to the next level. Proper strategized PPC campaign will enhance the conversion ratio for your business as well. In other words, the conversion ratio is the percentage of visitors which convert into real-time buyers for you. So, PPC campaign is essential for all online based businesses or e-commerce stores. For managing the PPC campaigns, different strategies, techniques, and methods are applied. We, at JDM Web Technologies, assure providing the best PPC Services to our clients with precision. Running a PPC campaign would not be easy unless you choose a veteran PPC service provider. Having years of experience, we can meet your requirements and stand out as one of the best services to offer you low-cost PPC packages.

JDM Web Technologies: PPC Plans and Pricing

AD BUDGET PER MONTH Upto $1000 $1500-2000 $2500-5000
CAMPAIGN SET-UP FEE (ONE TIME) $ 315 $ 515 $ 815
Initial Consultation
Account Creation
Website & Goal Analysis
Campaign Setup
Conversion Tracking Consultation
Call Tracking Setup Consultation
Competitive Analysis Report Monthly
Google Analytics Set-up
Landing Page Recommendation
ROI Tracking
Campaign Management
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Optimization
Ad Copy Optimization
Keyword Bid Optimization
Keyword Bid Optimization
Ongoing Strategy Development
Geo Targeting Setup
Text Ads
Image Ads*
Placement Sites Targeting
Site Exclusion & Optimization
Landing Page Consultation* $50 per page
Google Ad Extentions Consultation (if required)
Facebook or Linkedin Ads Additional cost $150/month
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Advanced Reports
Dedicated Account Manager
Email Support
Chat Support
Payment Method Payment Method

JDM Web Technologies: PPC Plans and Pricing

Key Benefits Of Hiring Us For Your PPC Management

Choosing our PPC pricing packages has many benefits In order to help you in this regard, we are here to discuss the significant benefits of using the PPC campaign for business marketing. The benefits of choosing us are discussed in the following section. Knowing these benefits will help you to understand our competence or expertise. At the same time, it will give you a better idea on what you can get through the well designed PPC packages that we have crafted for you exclusively.

Consultation Measurable Solution

With our PPC pricing packages, you shall get a good amount of measurable data. For judging the performance of your website, a lot of techniques or methods can be used. We prepare daily, weekly and monthly based reports and forward that to our clients so that they can measure the progress in terms of enhanced conversion rate and other aspects.

Consultation Mobile Optimization

Our PPC packages include the Mobile optimization solution as well. We fairly understand that today a large section of people access the internet via mobile phone or cell phone. This is the reason why we are giving mobile optimization solution to our clients. The overall volume of internet searches and clicks will rise significantly. Eventually, it will lead to effortless PPC solutions.

Ibusiness and finance Instant and Greater Visibility

Your business will gain greater visibility with our PPC packages. We use different techniques or tactics to create the PPC campaigns for your business. We can help you to rank your website just above all of your competitors and get greater visibility, traffic and sales.

Seo Traffic Target Driven

A target-driven approach has been followed by our PPC Experts when it comes to furnishing PPC marketing solutions. With our PPC management pricing, you can check different packages and related pricing to suit your budget. As per your chosen package, we shall set the goals for the PPC campaigns. Our webmasters will put their best efforts to reach those goals at the earliest.

Seo Traffic Assured Return on Investment

There is no point in giving time and money into something if that does not give the good return. Our PPC service assures excellent return on investment. It is assured that you shall gain good value against the time and money that you have invested with our PPC management pricing.

In order to get the best and customized and affordable search engine optimization packages, you can call us anytime, drop an email and talk to our experts. At our customer support center, experts shall provide the best guidance with perfection within 24 hours to your all queries.

PPC Campaign Management Process

In order to manage Google PPC packages, we follow standard and simple method for the campaigning. For campaign management, a few things are important. For example, staying well-organized is important. Another important thing is to focus on the methods. Creating regular reports of the process is also imperative. The best thing is that we follow the standard process of managing the PPC campaign. In the following section, you shall get complete information in this regard.

Seo Services / Setup
Account Setup

The first step is to go for the account setup process. So, at first, we create an Adwords account for the clients on behalf of the clients. A perfectly crafted account is required so that the overall account setup process can remain seamless. When creating the account, ad positions have to be decided as well. Deciding the ad positions with perfection will keep the accounts easy to optimize as well as perfectly organized.

Seo Services / Leads/contact-us.html
Qualified Leads

PPC is basically an effective channel for seamless business marketing. With this marketing campaign, websites or companies can generate leads. The paid ads have been noted as 56% more profitable than social media, and thus better ROI can be achieved with PPC. Around 44% ROI can be generated, if the campaign is well organized and perfectly conducted.

Seo Services / Optimization

One of the important stages of PPC campaigning is optimization. For optimization, different techniques or tactics have to be followed. This is where our years or experience and expertise will come into the picture. We follow the most unique as well as effectual techniques for PPC management.

ROI Measurement

There is no use of running a PPC campaign if it is not profitable. SO, you need to manage a campaign that ends up being profitable for you. To ensure profitability, constant monitoring of the ROI is imperative. We measure ROI in different stages and prepare reports. It eventually helps clients to understand how much profit they have been making with our Google PPC packages.

Why Choose Us For PPC Service?

So far, we have discussed the benefits of choosing our pay per click packages. Now, it is important for the clients to know why they should choose us. What JDM Web Technologies has in store for the clients? In the following section, find the competence of our company as a team and discover the uncountable benefits of choosing us for your PPC campaign.


Dedicated Account Manager

Studies show that maximum 44% ROI through PPC campaign can be achieved. Now, as per the potential of the keywords, this figure varies a lot. In order to fetch the highest return on investment, we are always keen to follow the standard process of bringing the best results.


Maximum ROI Ensured

Studies show that maximum 44% ROI through PPC campaign can be achieved. Now, as per the potential of the keywords, this figure varies a lot. In order to fetch the highest return on investment, we are always keen to follow the standard process of bringing the best results.



Maintaining transparency with pay per click packages and various tactics for PPC has always been our aim. We always maintain transparency with precision. Detailed reports on the tactics and campaign progress have been created for the best results.


Partnered with Google

We are partnered with Google to assure the best results with perfection. Google certification further adds reliability to our service.



More than a decade of experience makes us a best PPC service provider which is reliable for PPC. We have always been experienced in terms of maintaining the PPC campaigns.

Overall, we are always poised with technologies and knowledge to maintain the best level of services for our clients. We have always been effortless in terms of giving our services to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

To understand our PPC Packages, people opt for a lot of frequently asked questions. To get an answer to any types of your queries, you can get in touch with us anytime. We are always ready to face your problems and come back with satisfactory replies. You can call us or send emails to us anytime whenever you want. Based on various queries of clients, we have identified some frequently asked questions. These questions are listed in the following section of this article.

Different kinds of PPC packages are there, and all of them will more or less suit you perfectly. The packages have been designed by keeping different organizations and budgets in mind. So, we shall advise you to choose a package, as per your budget suitability. Initially, the low budget basic package is exceptional and for the startup businesses. Gradually, you need to opt for the advanced PPC packages.

In the beginning, we consult with clients and try to understand their expectations. Based on the expectations, we analyze the client’s business website. It helps us to understand the feasibility of creating the best PPC campaign. Now, based on the keywords, ROI and expected time to achieve results will vary. So, it is hard to claim a definite time frame. However, we assure that our PPC campaign will start showing your positive results within a couple of months. Patience and constant efforts are imperative to achieve the best results.

JDM Web Technologies is a reputed Digital Marketing Company from India, and we have global networks for serving the clients. We work for clients, related to different countries. As an offshore service provider, we have an entire infrastructure to match different time zones, as per the requirements of clients. We have separate PPC accounts managers for each project or assignment. This is why we can assure customized solutions to clients. As a reputed service provider, our service will always match the expectations of the clients with top-notch priority.

Well, it is not possible to say anything definite, though PPC campaign requires constant efforts. It is a long-term job. We always try to deliver a service that will assist the clients on a long-term basis. The campaign has been planned in such a way so that it can bring ROI for a long-term without compromising anything. So, the expense cannot be definite. As long as you are fetching good ROI, we do not think that there should be any issues with the costs. We can assure you the best ROI, and that too within the shortest possible time.

As stated, we are a service provider that is known for its transparency. Access to the Adwords account for clients is always there, as we consider that it is a thing that belongs to clients. Our offshore executives will carry out the campaign on your behalf. However, that does not mean clients would not have access to their account. You can add your inputs and tracks the reports by accessing your accounts. Nevertheless, at any stage of discontinuation of the service, you can access your account and change the password. The system is entirely transparent and client oriented.

We shall assist you to check your regular ROI. Through Google Analytics, we shall keep tracking on your click rates and conversion rates. Based on the collected data from the Google Analytics tool, we shall measure ROI. Detailed report on the ROI will be created every month. As per your request, we can submit you weekly based reports as well so that you can monitor the progress and performance of your PPC campaign.

Contact Us Anytime for Assistance

Our PPC experts are always available to assist you with the required information, guidance, and queries related to PPC Packages. Being a leading service provider, we offer flexible and customized Google Adwords packages. To learn more, you can, of course, get in touch with us anytime and for communication time zone is not a bar, as we are available for 24/7. Contact us or send us to advise email to learn more.