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Our Refund Policy

Everybody here at JDM Web Technologies takes great efforts in delivering what is best for our clients. However, to give our esteemed clients full peace of mind, we have also devised a policy governing all cancellations as well as Refunds. Read on to get a general understanding.

For any other queries regarding Refunds and Cancellations, please feel free to contact us.

Regarding Cancellations

  • We do provide cancellations if needed by the client. You can contact your delegated project expert or email us regarding the same.
  • If any promotional offers were availed by our clients when employing our services, then the client cannot request a cancellation.
  • There is also a provision for automatic termination. If payment is not made during the pre-specified periods, that is grounds for termination and any decision thereof will be solely at the discretion of JDM Web Technologies.
  • In case of full project cancellation, there will be no claims that will be entertained on the fee that has already been paid to us.
  • Domain names are registered with the specific requests made earlier by the clients. Any further request of changes of any kind shall not be entertained.

Regarding Refunds

  • There is a long list of comprehensive services and packages that we offer to our esteemed and valued clients. Pertaining to that, there are different refund policies for the same.
  • Work starts immediately once you sign the service agreement and so does the billing. No refunds will be provided for the services we have already given to the client.
  • Any administrative fees, charges related to physical or software installation or taxes due to the regulation authorities above the prescribed rates are non-refundable. No claims shall be entertained regarding that.
  • We have a phase system in place for projects. No partial refunds shall be given for a phase that is already underway or nearing completion for that matter.
  • Everything we do, we get dedicated approval from our clients. After your approval has been availed of, no refund requests shall be entertained regarding refunds.
  • Digital Marketing Packages do not qualify for refund policies but have cancellation deadlines.
  • Both the service provider and the client are bound by terms of service and agreement with specific guidelines for each of them. If the client fails to abide by the specified terms, they forfeit the right for any refunds related to the project.
  • Any delay that might occur due to clients deviating from the service norms shall not be compensated for by the service provider.

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We try our best level to provide you with Professional Digital Marketing Services to enhance your online presence. We always have the interest of our clients in mind. So we advise you to read the terms of service carefully and contact us regarding any problems.

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