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JDM Web Technologies is a resulted oriented and fast-growing SEO agency in Akron. We focus on strategizing and implementing various tools of digital marketing to ensure you have a successful SEO campaign.

Digital marketing is a crucial tool in today’s fast-paced industry. Everyone needs to leave a mark and make their place in a competitive society. Do you wonder how to reach more people? If yes, we have expertise in doing that with ease. We understand your requirements, path and make sure that the campaigns designed for you to bear results.

We have been operating in the industry for many years; thus, we understand each domain well. Even if your area is new or unexplored, we’ve got you covered. We do not have expertise only in a particular domain strategy, but we expertise in the core process of digital marketing. This makes our SEO services in Akron, suitable to every domain.

We offer various services related to website, content, marketing, search engine optimization, etc. Let us understand a few of our forte.

Our forte Services

YouTube Marketing

Everyone loves videos. It is human tendency to follow anything via video more efficiently than text. So, YouTube makes the best platform to sell your product via video. JDM Web Technologies helps you market your products and services on YouTube via increasing the views of your videos. Text is good to read, pictures say a lot, but videos speak much more than that.

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, next to its parent Google. We create and optimize the content for your videos to make sure that your videos reach more people and build more customers. More views, more comments, more subscribers, and more shares, that’s all you need, and we know how to get them for you.

Social Media Management

Social media management is another potent tool in today’s emerging market of digital marketing. Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram have a vast number of users who love to use them. Every user checks their notifications now and then. So, why not target this population of netizens to spread the word about your products and services?

What’s there to manage on social media? We take complete care of your social media handles. This includes managing the content of your handle, regular and consistent posts, responding to users for inquiries, brand recognition, promote products specific to demographics, age groups, and interests. We make sure that your text content, visual, and video content is engaging enough to convince users to explore your products or services and finally buy them.

Expert minds at JDM Web Technologies take special care to design SEO campaigns. All SEO tools and techniques can be applied on social media platforms. Our design team makes illustrations, gifs, explanatory videos, events, ads, memes, and blogging content, all as per trend and interests, to engage the public creatively. Our social media managers also take responsibility to connect and partner with other brands for mutual benefits.

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Content writing services

Your content defines if a search engine will pick your webpage for SERP or not. If your content is rich and contains the right keywords, it performs well as per the search engine algorithm. Creating creative and compelling content is an art. Copywriting and ghostwriting doesn’t work much nowadays. You need new, fresh, innovative, and engaging content that creates a spark in the user for further exploration. Our team is trained to develop such content. We have specialized content writers who are in their best form to write content that speaks for itself, as well as resonates with the audience’s needs.

We act as a catalyst between your product’s content and search engine. Every business is unique and different in itself. Therefore, content must also be exclusive. Users feel tedious and exhausting if your content isn’t appealing. And there are chances that they may not revisit your page. Therefore, content is your gold.

Being a reputed SEO company in Akron, our team has top-class writers that can generate web content, blog content, articles, business write-ups, press release, memes, eBooks, newsletters, and abstract content. Each of these content types requires separate attention and specific style. Our writers will inculcate that expertise.

Local SEO services

We are one of the best local SEO services in Akron. Local SEO services are a must if you operate your business in a particular city, locality of area. As an SEO firm in Akron, we believe that we can guarantee you lots of local visitors on your website as well as your offices. When a user searches for a product or service in your area of operation, your business must be quickly listed. This happens by using local SEO tools. As a part of local SEO tools, we ensure your company gets listed in local directory listings such as Google My Business, Yahoo, Yelp, etc.

In regular searching, when a user searches, “How brakes work?” It may relate to your product but doesn’t relate to their on the spot requirement. Local search becomes essential when a user searches, “Garage near me.” When your website or metadata is in the directory listing, optimized as per local preferences, has good ranking, and Google knows your location, you’ll get listed on SERP. This improves the chances of the visit of users by more than 50%.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why us?

Experience We have successfully implemented hundreds of SEO and digital marketing campaigns for many clients of ours, and everyone has left our doors with a smell of success. It has happened because of our experience in strategy, planning, tools, technologies, and people. We have learned many lessons in the past, which as continuously improved us over the years.

Affordable We are highly affordable. If your business is big or small, you’re most welcome to use our services. Our packages are defined to suit the needs of all range of companies. We do not differentiate between customers when it comes to quality. We strive to deliver excellent results and quality to all our clients.

Meta description: JDM Web services are the latest technologies-driven SEO Company. It has evolved over the years and delivers many new SEO services such as social media management, on-site optimization, web development, content writing services, YouTube marketing, Amazon SEO services, etc.

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