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JDM Web Technologies is the fastest growing and experienced SEO Company in Carrolton, USA. We have our headquarters in Florida, USA. We are one of the best SEO service providers with many years of experience and expert team. With our help and technical support, you can take your business sales and revenue to cross the limits of the sky.

Your products or services may be unique or similar to the products that are already available with other competitors of yours. You must be wondering all the competitors may also be trying to get ahead via SEO services in Carrolton, how do we stand out? So, with JDM’s expertise and understanding of the algorithms of different search engines and platforms, we can crack a better deal for you than any competitor of yours.

Why Trust Us?

Transparency – We are highly transparent in all our activities with our clients. We do not hide anything as we understand that since you’re investing a lot of money in digital marketing, you deserve to know every piece of it. To maintain transparency, we share weekly reports, summaries, strategies, and real-time data monitoring. We know that results speak for themselves; there’s nothing not to be transparent.

Cost-Effective – We are the most cost-effective digital marketing and SEO agency in Carrolton. Our prices are different for different services included in our different packages, which fit for every business type, be it a giant conglomerate or a small shop.

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Social Media Management:

In social media management, we help companies to grow their presence and customer base on different social media platforms. All social media platforms are different and serve a different purpose. Depending upon your domain type, social media can be chosen. If you’re looking to pitch more B2B customers and professional clients, LinkedIn is best for you. If you’re looking to increase the general public customer base, Facebook is the best option. If your business has more visual or photographic content, Instagram and Pinterest will work best for you.

There are many other platforms to choose from. Depending on your needs, we will select the type of social media for you. We will also take care of all the content and process of managing your social media handles. Your social media reflects your brand. Therefore, JDM Web Technologies, being the best SEO firm in Carrolton, will take care of all the content quantity and quality on social media.

There are two types of users – those who are looking for something specific and those who are hovering around but may buy if they see something interesting. One significant benefit of social media marketing is that you can pitch the second type of user easily on social media. Also, when other users share your liked product in their stories, posts, and comments, it increases the value for you as well. In SMM, we will design and run campaigns for you based on the likelihood of your product according to age group, type of customers, and demographics.

What content to be posted, when to be published, how many to be published, what should be the frequency, who will generate content, how announcements should be made, when to go live, when to post videos, what to respond to customers queries? We will answer all these questions as we create a full SMM campaign for your business. Brand management is another perk that comes along with social media management.

On-site SEO services

To get your website on the top of search results, you will have to increase the quality of your website so that your website stays in the good books of search engines like Google. In on-site optimization, we take care of all the front-end developments and presentations on your website. It includes the content management on your website and the features management on the site.

In optimization, we re-design the web pages so that they can crack the algorithm of the search engines and score well in the rankings. We modify the text on your website after performing proper keyword research according to the region and include those so that the search engine can take into consideration. For example, if your website has the main word as Parlor but users in the area search for Saloon. In this case, your website will never be searched. Thus, we do that research to help understand the keywords that will perform better for your business.

Further to written content, we take care of the structure of your website, how each image should be proportioned and zoomed correctly. User-friendliness is the most critical aspect of White-Hat SEO. Thus we re-structure the site so that the user finds it easy to browse on PC as well as mobile. All your web pages in the website must be interlinked (backlinks) and mobile-friendly.

Another parallel service is off-site optimization, which is purely a background work. It includes logic, framework, coding, database management, and backlinks. Both on-site and off-site optimization is essential in the strategy of digital marketing and SEO.

Amazon SEO

As Amazon’s business is growing exponentially, it is not only buyers who are increasing in the count; it is also the sellers who are increasing in count on Amazon. Amazon is an excellent platform in today’s time for increasing revenue and sales of products by going online. By being a seller at Amazon and listing products most suitably and adequately, you can take your business to a place where the only sky is the limit.

Amazon has its SEO algorithm named an A9 algorithm. Each product is examined and assessed by the algorithm based on various factors, including – direct sales history, price, stock availability, and text and content relevance. Each of these factors has sub-factors as well. Further, some other secondary factors also affect the ranking of your product in the books of the A9 algorithm. These secondary factors are quality, description, high-quality images, image proportions, view feasibility, mobile-friendliness, advertising, promotions, and no. of visits and user ratings. To summarize, your product listing must be optimized for three factors, conversions, visibility, and relevance.

With experience in all the activities of Amazon SEO, as one of the best local SEO services in Carrolton, we provide you the best results in Amazon services.

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