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JDM Web Technologies is an experienced and continuously evolving SEO Agency in Chicago and digital marketing company. Our roots are from Florida, USA. We are growing fast as one of the major SEO expert service providers, with high quality, customer satisfaction, and quick so-lutions. Are you looking to get one step ahead in the era of digital marketing and want to use SEO tools to take a leap and increase your revenue in the market of Chicago? If yes, you’re in the right place. At JDM Web Technologies, we use high-end tools and cutting-edge technology, which brings more traffic with a higher probability of conversion to potential customers.

Our Service Scope

We have many services and tactical tools in our basket as an SEO firm in Chicago and digital marketing strategy. Let us have a view

Local SEO services: For getting better and high-quality traffic, it is essential to be knowledge-able about the area, location, and market of the place where we must build and pitch custom-ers. We offer Local SEO support to make sure you are getting good traffic and receiving local SEO services in Chicago.

Directory listing: As a part of our SEO package, we aim to list your business in recognized di-rectory listings such as Google My Business, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing and Facebook, to generate better traffic and perform better in the search results. Directory listing inclusion in local SEO strategy is very essential, to build better, local and genuine traffic, improve brand image, avoid spamming, and higher rank on search engines.

SEO services in Chicago for all domains: Our domain horizon is big, and we continuously include new domains in our business. Be it IT sector business, automotive, sales, distribution, services, sports, small enterprise, retail, NGO, or any other domain, we make sure that your business’ SEO needs are taken care of. We also offer a dedicated team who analyze your busi-ness type, its need, type of customers, their preferences and many other factors, to build an ef-fective SEO strategy for your business.

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PPC Service: PPC stands for Pay per click. It is an innovative way of advertising in which ad-vertiser pays whenever a user clicks on the ad. PPC is a very effective technique to build traf-fic. PPC campaign itself needs a strategy. In the PPC campaign, selected keywords are chosen by search engines to put on search results. Bidding is done on those keywords by many, how-ever, the search engine considers many other factors. PPC management includes keyword re-search, keyword bidding, CPC score. It requires a lot of efforts to understand the algorithm of a search engine, to make sure your keywords and ads are selected by search engine on the top page. Fortunately, we have experts at JDM Web Technology, who are experienced in finding innovative solutions to let your business flourish on this busy street of PPC.

On-site and Off-site SEO: Our package includes both these types. Our On-site SEO service will ensure that your website is great, inside-out. It means your website must look and perform well in front of the user, as well as have a good framework, structure, and algorithm to func-tion. On the front, it includes factors such as user-friendliness, easy options, fast loading, better search options and well organized, Alt tag images and inbound links. While back-hand factors include algorithm of your website, framework, database management and connectivity with other interfaces. Offsite SEO is linking back other marketing platform websites to your website. It includes linking social media, marketing websites, influencers' content, etc.
At JDM, we make sure that you receive an excellent strategy implementation for both SEO service types and dominate your domain.

Social Media Content Management: It is easy to understand that social media content man-agement is nothing, but managing your business’s presence on social media, to attract more customers. It is a well-known fact that nearly 50% of the public has a social media presence worldwide. Since there is so much online population, it becomes important to use the power of social media. Our SMO services ensure that you have good content on social media platforms, good quality of content, images, regular posting, engaging content, brand values reflection, more visitors and more followers. We use all the platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Lin-kedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. In this campaign, we take care of the quantity, quality and time management of actual content i.e. written text, engaging pictures, interesting videos, and gifs, polls, guest blogs so that people like it and share it further. This increases the visibility, outreach and ultimately brings customers.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why Choose Us?

Action speaks louder than words. We are always spoken by the mouth of our customers as one of the best SEO company in Chicago. With the way we have been providing all SEO and digital marketing services to our customers in recent years, all the businesses have touched skies and still growing rapidly. So, why choose us? Let’s take a tour of our values and qualities:

Transparency: Transparency is the protein of our business. We aim to maintain full transparency with our customers at each level of the project. Be it strategy, tools, usage, cost, quality, risks, external factors, internal factors, inputs, reports, and results, we do not keep it hidden. Our transparency will help you improve your digital marketing plan, strategies and identify focus areas.

Proven-results: We have been satisfying our customers for a long time and look forward to continuing the same. We make sure that we deliver promised results to you and provide you value for each dollar that you are investing, keeping trust in us.

Performance tracking: We track the performance of all our activities that are being done for a specific project. We provide regular performance and effectiveness reports to our customers every week to help everyone understand that we are heading in the right direction, as always.

Timely delivery: We believe that your time is our money. We put our best efforts to do all the work and deliver promised results, promised quality to you within promised timelines.

With all the services and qualities, we deliver the responsibility of building a strong staircase to success for your business’ digital marketing and SEO plans.

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