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JDM Web Technologies is an innovative market leader in SEO services in Huntington Beach. We are no short of providing you excellent exposure to the world of digital marketing. Once you put your trust on JDM Web Technologies for your digital marketing strategy, all you have to do is to welcome success.

With brilliant and experienced minds, JDM Web has grown like a healthy tree in the world of digital marketing. We offer various services like social media management, website optimization, and white hat SEO services. Also, we cover an extensive range of Local SEO services in Huntington Beach.

By entrusting us, you’ll be able to get a step ahead in the market by getting more visibility on the internet and social media. It will increase the visitors on your website and help you build more customers, ultimately increasing your revenue. Digital marketing is a domain where the sky is no limit.

Also, every business is unique and has the potential to grow by leaps and bounds. Digital marketing is today’s need, and we are here to help you fulfill the requirement in no time.

Let us understand the types of services we offer as one of the best SEO companies in Huntington Beach.

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Our Services

White Hat SEO

We are a white hat SEO. We are experts in getting organic traffic to your website. It is essential to adopt the service of white hat SEO because it will always maintain the name of your website in good books of Google. White Hat SEO services include following the ethics of digital marketing and following the rules of the Google search engine algorithm.

A massive count of people visits Google, and if Google’s terms and conditions are not followed, it will result in a considerable drop in traffic to your site. If not followed, Google may ban or block your site. We’re sure you wouldn’t want that.

As a white hat SEO agency in Huntington Beach, we ensure the use of the right keywords, build easy to navigate websites, quality content on websites, and good Meta description.

On-site website optimization

Your website needs to be good enough to create the interest of the search engine as well as the future visitor. To do this, your website must have attractive features and content at the front end as well as backend. We provide on-site optimization of your website, which includes optimizing your front end of the website.

Front-end optimization includes many factors. We create high-quality text content with intense and demanding keywords. Along with text content, your website should have high-quality images and videos of your product. Next is the look of the website. The first impression is the last. We improvise the visuals and graphics of your website to improve the look that creates interest to the user to stick and explore your product and services more.

Local SEO Services

SEO services should be the first need for digital marketing. Imagine you operate your services in New York, but when a user searches about the service in Ohio, your name appears in their search results, instead of New York. Would that make any sense? No. So, any domain’s website and SEO strategy have to be customized according to the local SEO requirements. We understand this in detail, that’s why we provide local SEO services so that you get your business and customers from where you need.

You do not have a website, then too, we as local SEO firm in Huntington Beach can bring fortune for you. Since your region is narrowed down, local SEO will get your name in SERP. Google 3-pack has increased competition. By taking local SEO services, your future customers will be able to reach you when they search by demographic parameters such as pin code, city, and locality or near me options.

Directory listing

Directory Listing is the brother of local SEO services. They go hand in hand. Directory listings are niche-specific or local directories. These directories contain your NAP (Name, address, and phone number). In many cases, it includes website information as well. It is essential to be a part of the directory listing to achieve higher search ratings, the platform for user reviews, and many more.

There are many directory listings in each region, but few most important ones should have your business listed. Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, City Search, and Facebook are a few significant players.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why JDM?

We cover all the domains Whether you are a giant or a local business with an office or just a shop, all are welcome at our doors. We cover all the domains. You need not worry if your area is new. Our team of experts will create a separate strategy for you by understanding your business and providing you strategy.

We understand the uniqueness of each business and its abilities. Therefore, we make sure that your new business puts the right foot in the market at the right time, with confidence.

Transparent We are transparent with our clients. Whether it is the strategy, business, money, results, positive news, hurdles, and obstacles, we diligently and sincerely share with our clients. We do not believe in making false promises. Because we are confident in our process, team, cutting edge technology, and high-end tools. Transparency increases trust and builds bonds. This is very important to understand your needs and make you know our capabilities. Thus we are transparent with you at all times. Trust us on this!

Cost-effective We are way cost-effective than any other SEO company in Huntington Beach. Our packages offer multiple services in an affordable range. Whether you’re a big business or a small shop, we will make sure you’re able to afford it.

Quality Having said that, we are cost-effective; we do not mean that we will reduce our quality standards for small businesses. Our terms and efforts for the highest quality are the same for all. We have experts in all directions and skills, who are best at doing their work and bring you results. That’s why we have maintained the quality of our work. All customers in the past have walked out of our gate with smiles on their faces.

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