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JDM Web Technology is an exceptionally well-performing SEO agency in Montgomery. We are a high-quality SEO and digital marketing solution, provider.

With the presence of the most innovative and best minds of the industry, we have gained an expert level experience in the field. Also, our adoption of the latest technology and sharp tools of SEO marketing have brought us one step ahead of others. These perks of JDM Web Technologies will help get the success of your business needs. We offer digital marketing and SEO services to businesses of all domains. We have gained enough exposure in domains to understand the requirements of each domain.

Digital marketing is one of the essential tools of today’s online world. Almost every product or service today is being sold online. Why not take your business online? Or if it’s already online but not bringing the future, let’s bring it. JDM Web Technology will strategize, plan, implement, and monitor every step of your SEO campaign.

SEO firms in Montgomery are of particular importance. It is a developing place for digital marketing and has enormous scope. It is the right time for you, and you’re at the right door with us to start your SEO campaign. We make sure that you get more visibility, more value, increased brand recognition, boost in sales and revenue, and long term success.

Let’s peek into the services that we offer to our clients.

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Our services

Local SEO Services

It is essential to have a local SEO service in Montgomery, which will help you understand the needs of the local market and design your strategy accordingly. Together with you, we know the mindset of people, the current popularity of your domain in the region, linguistic literacy, average keyword searching style, and many other factors. An understanding of these factors will help us to curate the strategy and modify the contents that can be readily accepted, gulped, and understood by people. By doing all this, the right material will reach to correct people at the right time in the right place.

On-site optimization

On-site optimization an ideal tool for SEO strategy. In on-site optimization, we optimize your website according to the needs of the search engine. This is necessary to pass the algorithm of the search engine so that your webpage appears in the SERP. There are many factors of a website that need to be optimized.

In on-site optimization, we improve the front end of your website. This includes the text content, which should consist of high performing keywords, backlinks, and must not involve low performing keywords. Next, we modify the structure of your website so that it becomes more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. Last but not least, we change the look of your website, including visuals, loading speed, and theme, so that it attracts the users and engages them. This improves the quality score of your website.

Amazon SEO Services

Similar to Google, Amazon is also emerging as a significant player now. Since it is the world’s best platform for shopping, your products will have the best exposure on Amazon. But it is vital to design a campaign for Amazon listing. There may be hundreds of products of the same category as yours, but we have to ensure that your product beats the race and comes on top. How is that done?

Like On-site optimization, we will improve your Amazon page as well. The title of the product should be catchy and decent enough to convince the user of the authenticity and originality of the product. The description of the product should be engaging sufficient to clarify the purpose and should match the requirements. For this, technical detail description is essential. Further, user reviews are taken care of with proper and timely response to users. These factors improve your ranking, which ultimately brings your product on top of the page. Last but not least, image quality plays a critical role here. Once you decide to sell your product on Amazon, the rest of the hustle is ours.

White Hat SEO

We believe in ethics. Today, Google is the most used searched engine. There are many rules and standard practices that Google algorithm expects from each webpage. If that is not followed, it may lead to a ban from the website. That may cause a considerable drop in potential customers. So, it is better to follow the practices. These practices include fast-loading sites, high-quality content, mobile-friendliness, easy to navigate a website, Metadata, better-performing keywords, backlinks, link building, link popularity, etc.

On the other hand, Black Hat SEO techniques include purchasing links and deceptive cloaking techniques. Although Black Hat SEO can bring you results and more visibility in a quicker time, but not for the long term. Being a White Hat local SEO service in Montgomery, we provide long term investment with lifetime quality benefits.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why work with us? services

Our experience

We have worked with various companies and have delivered excellent results. We now know the field in and out. We have seen ups and downs now, have strengthened, and improvised our services from time to time. Also, our team of technical experts has vast experience in the field, and each technique has an exquisite and unique experienced leader of SEO Company in Montgomery.

Cost-effective solutions

Whether you’re a giant IT hub or a small shop owner, we have affordable solutions for all. Our packages are designed in such a way that most effective services are included at the most affordable rates. Further, we do not differ our quality standards based on dollars. Our quality standards are the same for all our clients. If you need a customized package with more cost-effectiveness, customization is a freebie at our desk.


We do not play with our customers. We believe that we will grow when our customers increase. It is better to keep everything transparent on the table and share real results with clients. Therefore, we share weekly/biweekly results and progress reports with you so that you can understand the path to your success. We assure you that our work is transparent and trustworthy.

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