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SEO services in Rochester

JDM Web Technologies is a one-stop solution for SEO services in Rochester, New York. We have all the SEO services you require for your business to climb stairs of digital marketing. With years of experience, we have taken our scope from a few functions to all SEO tools, as well as increased the horizon of our client’s business. We are a Google certified SEO firm in Rochester and understand the way Google and other search engines work.

By working with us, you will be able to create more online visibility, reach more customers, and understand the needs of the market quickly. We follow all the ethics required by the Google search engine algorithm and make sure for no penalty from it.

Any business is capable of achieving heights if it is taken care of by the right hands. The right investment in the proper direction of SEO and digital marketing strategy will always be worth to propel your company’s revenue.

We offer various services that score incredible results. Let us take a ride through our services:

Social Media Management

Social Media Management (SMM) optimization is one of the most powerful weapons in today’s modern industry. Hundreds of thousands of people use social media, depending upon their choices and interests. These people can be approached by curating a well-timed strategy to gain an extra inch of a foot in the market.

SMM is not just managing your content structure on your social media platforms. It is the management of the quality of your content, the density of your content, timely posting of content and information, responsiveness and interaction with users and customers. In SMM, it is essential to understand that if you value people and help them grow, they’ll help you grow.

We do provide SMM services. Our team of creative and expert minds analyze your business’s portfolio and choose the medium. No two companies are alike. Depending on your business, a suitable social medium is preferred.

On-Site SEO Services

Imagine cleaning a newly purchased old home of the 19th century, which is full of dust. First, you must see what is wrong with each corner of the room. Next, you must get those resources. Once you get the resources, you implement the strategy of cleaning by using those resources.

The same case is in On-site SEO services. We first analyze and audit your website. Then, we find out the obstacles that prevent your site from appearing at the top of the search engine. Next, we make a strategy to turn those obstacles into strengths to bring your page up.

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We work on your website’s front room to improvise the text content, images, graphics, visuals of a website, on-site navigation, location preferences, search options, and many more. All these make the user comfortable and your website likable. Also, we continuously monitor the site to check the performance.

PPC Services

PPC services are Pay-per-click services. It means that you’ve to pay a fixed amount to the search engine with every click on your sponsored ad on SERP. In PPC, Google Ads is the most dominant player. When a user types a word, the search engine goes back to its directory of millions of web pages; it collects the best results according to the preferences of ranking, content quality, demographics, match level to keyword asked by the user, etc. In short, there are 2 factors – CPC and Quality Score. It then displayed the result on top of SERP, as a Sponsored page. When a user clicks on this sponsored link, you’ll have to pay a certain amount to Google.

PPC services are a smart way of getting more traffic to your website as well as build a brand image. We make sure that your ads are correctly displayed and chosen at appropriate times to reach potential customers.

Local SEO Services

To gain the results in a region, you will always need an expert who knows the area in terms of digital marketing. Thus, JDM Web Technologies acts as your local SEO services in Rochester. Local SEO is needed to make sure that your website, content, products, strategy, and investments are as per the region’s choices.

Keywords of each region can be different. One keyword that performs best in New York may not perform well in London. Thus, it is imperative to understand the situation of keywords. Another perk of hiring of a local SEO Agency in Rochester is the identification of the type of users.

When someone is in a region, he/she will probably use Google to search for a hotel, restaurant, or any other service, and most will end up visiting on the same day. Let’s assume you’re a restaurant business, and local SEO shows your webpage at the top in SERP. A user is very likely to check out the first three pages and try them out. There you go, you get the deal.

So, it is vital to check that your business appears in local search results. Honestly, we do not even check the 2nd page of Google.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why trust us?

We’re learners for life

We learn from our customers as much as they learn from us. It is always a dialogue. During our course of digital marketing, we have faced many challenges that tested us. We feel pride in our journey to overcome those challenges. It means that we are experienced with the world of digital marketing and know the field in-out.

We Monitor to Improve

We do not just make strategy and implement. If you can’t monitor it, you can’t improve it. We continuously monitor and analyze our results in real-time to make sure we are always in the right direction.

Unparalleled expertise

Due to an array of services available at our end, we have the upper hand in the field by which many more prominent firms have benefited. With the use of cutting-edge technologies and high-end tools, we are unparalleled in our services.

You’re at the right door at the right time when you’re looking for a trusted SEO company in Rochester as partners to skyrocket the revenue using digital marketing. We always strive to bring you the digital marketing experience.

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