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JDM Web Technologies is one of the fastest-growing and reputed SEO Company in Roseville. Our roots are from Florida, USA. With years of working in the field of digital marketing and SEO services, we have gained enough experience to be called experts. Each member of our team is an expert in one or the other SEO services. Apart from expertise, high-end tools and cutting edge technology has helped us stand out in the crowd of SEO service providers.

SEO is search engine optimization. Digital marketing and SEO services are gaining attention in every field, and all businesses realize the importance now. It is the peak time for digital marketing services to be adopted before the competition gets too high in your domain. We help you climb the ladder by defining proper strategies and implementing effective in the required time. We have the right set of tools and minds to help you understand what is needed for your business to grow and shine in the eyes of the customers and gain more visibility.

Be it a small business, medium-scale enterprise, a giant company, or a small garage or shop, we are there for you. We do not bifurcate between the scales of our customers. We have different packages defined at different prices, which can suit every business with a guarantee of results. So, let us look at a few of our services that are included in most of our packages.

Our Services

YouTube SEO

In today’s time, whenever there’s any curiosity, where does a user go? Most commonly, it’s Google or its sister YouTube. YouTube is the second highest search engine, only behind Google. There are millions of videos and billions of followers on YouTube. The customer base is vast, and if this customer base can see your products, there are high chances that you’ll get a lot of users to end up buying your product. Although condition being, they are approached qualitatively and adequately.

Minds at JDM Web Technologies know exactly how YouTube works and what is needed to reach a maximum number of users. Also, how to pitch them and what will make them buy your product or service. Once you’re ready with base content for your product or service video, we make it explanatory and add features, images, and visuals to make it more eye-catching.

Next, we define paid campaigns on YouTube to reach a specific type of audience, such as age group, genre, activity, etc. This way, we ensure that the rank of your video, subscriptions, and content is high in the eye of YouTube. Channel authority, content, description, tags, and title are essential in YouTube SEO. As a premium quality SEO company in Roseville, we provide you all these perks.

Amazon SEO

Amazon is another excellent market place for getting more people to buy your products. There may be hundreds of products that are similar to yours. But the ranking of each product differs. Amazon has its SEO and algorithm, which displays the SERP based on the ranking of the product as well as user reviews.

We help people grow their business on Amazon. Amazon uses the A9 algorithm, which accesses the products based on direct factors such as their sales history, text relevance, price, stock availability. However, there are other indirect factors as well, such as image quality, description quality, promotions, advertising, and user reviews.

Like you are thinking of using Amazon SEO services, your competitors may also be thinking for the same. Thus, it is vital to involve expert minds and define the effective fruit-bearing strategy without any loopholes. As one of the most experienced feet in the market as SEO firm in Roseville, we help you fulfill these demands of Amazon algorithm.

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Local SEO services

Being displayed on a search engine results page is not enough. It is essential to understand when and where your name is appearing in the search results. Is it looking precisely at the time when the user needs the service immediately to the nearest point? To do this, you need local SEO services. Local SEO services in Roseville help you list your product in the search engine of the operating area of your business. There’s no sense if you operate in Roseville, and your transaction is listed at the top in search results in NYC. Therefore, Local SEO services are essential.

When it comes to searching, Google has certain factors for local search, including location. In regional strategy, it is ensured that your business gets listed whenever users in your nearby area of service perform searches. The proximity includes the location; relevance includes how important is your business to search query of user and prominence.

To achieve these three features of an excellent local strategy, many sub-factors play an essential role. URL structure, internal linking, schema, Meta description, title tag, alt tag, long-tail keywords, outbound links, user reviews, guests’ posts, and backlinks. Based on all these factors, when a user searches for ‘Near Me’ options, if your strategy is well defined, your business will surely get listed in the SERP.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why Trust on us?

We have been operating in this market of digital marketing for years and have brought laurels to many of our clients. All our clients have improved their business sales and revenue with the support of our projects, expertise, and well-defined strategies.


We believe in honesty. Honesty brings transparency. All our people come to work every day to practice this value. We don’t just deliver the SEO service to you, we provide our values and passion to you, and SEO services in Roseville are an output. Also, we all know that the results speak for themselves.


Our packages include different services for different businesses for varying periods. An interesting fact is that the prices of all packages are highly competitive and one of the best in the market. You’ll get the best service and quality irrespective of the size of your business and the package you choose.

Advanced technology

We are always one step ahead in technology. We update our tools and resources as per the latest technology so that our customers do not get left behind in the competitive world full of challenges. We have faced numerous challenges in all our past works, which has made us resources robust and ready for all problems.

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