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JDM Web Technologies is building a web development and digital marketing solution as an SEO firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although our origin is from Florida, we are the leading performers in the market.

Our cutting-edge technologies solutions with the use of innovative tools have brought laurels. You'll hear the same about us from others in the industry of digital marketing. We stretch our boundaries and horizons of physical and digital capabilities to grow your business as well as ours. Brains behind our success bring in several years of experience ad sow the seeds of your growth. We are, in all ways, capable of digital market your business with minimum clock consumption.

Irrespective of your domain, we are here for you. We have experience in most of the areas. Yet if your business is the pioneer of its domain, we've got you covered. We start the SEO service right from scratch by understanding your domain's work model, audience, marketing prospects, and geographical aspects. Later, we build step-by-step solutions with the focused timeframe to harvest the results for you.

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Offered Services

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the ground floor of the skyscraper of digital marketing. In keyword research, we understand and identify the keywords that are related to your domain. Then we check the keywords in the Google console database to find the keywords with a stellar performance.

Local SEO service in Salt Lake City and linguistic lifestyle of the region also play a crucial role in understanding the potential keywords. We identify the weak keywords and replace them with the right performing keywords.

The study of the linguistic lifestyle will help to understand which type of keywords and common keywords the users of the region use most. You can also call it the language literacy of the area. Once you're through this step. The next step will be to categorize the keywords based on the category's popularity and relevance.

Does it look like a big task? No need to stress yourself. We are here for you as the best SEO company in Salt Lake City to do all this hassle of keywords.

On-Site SEO Services

Imagine cleaning a newly purchased old home of the 19th century, which is full of dust. First, you must see what is wrong with each corner of the room. Next, you must get those resources. Once you get the resources, you implement the strategy of cleaning by using those resources.

The same case is in On-site SEO services. We first analyze and audit your website. Then, we find out the obstacles that prevent your site from appearing at the top of the search engine. Next, we make a strategy to turn those obstacles into strengths to bring your page up.

We work on your website’s front room to improvise the text content, images, graphics, visuals of a website, on-site navigation, location preferences, search options, and many more. All these make the user comfortable and your website likable. Also, we continuously monitor the site to check the performance.

Local SEO services

If you think your business can bear more fruits in local regions, instead of National, then Local SEO service is for you. We are the best local SEO service in Salt Lake City.

Local SEO service is a must when you want to pitch to the local people of the area. When people search terms like a restaurant near me, a dentist near the hospital, or me near me, their location details are read by Google. If your SEO has an excellent local SEO rating and effective local keywords, Google will pick you up from the database and put it to SERP.

Without local SEO service, you may find yourself being in the search results of New York, even though yourbusiness operates locally. Without localization, it is like hitting the arrow blindly and wishing for luck to run the exact point. We make sure to perform all the research and study of the local region to get you listed in the same.

PPC marketing

PPC is Pay per click. JDM Web Technologies, when hired by you, will ensure that the unique PPC campaign is curated for you to perform exceptional results. It is one of the best forms of advertisement. Google Ads is the single most famous tool here.

In PPC, your ads are displayed on various search platforms of Google Search engine as 'Sponsored Ad.' Each time a user clicks on your ad, a fee will have to be paid to the search engine by you (mostly Google). It also improves the ranking of your website in the books of search engines. Because it helps search engines to understand the relevance of your website concerning the query of the user.

Once a keyword is identified for your business, the bid must be made on that keyword. When a user searches for a keyword, the Search Engine goes back to the room and checks the Ad rank (score), which is the multiplication of your CPC Bid and Quality Score. The Ad with the highest level gets to feature as Sponsored Ad.

JDM Web Technologies will help you design a specific pay-per-click campaign. You will not need to do anything. We will strategize for you, perform keyword identification, place bidding, and improve quality score. Also, we offer live real-time monitoring of the results to you so that you can learn the progress of the campaign.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why we're BEST FOR YOU?

Domain coverage No matter what your domain is, our team will cover it. You need not wander in the market for an SEO firm that knows your area. Our dedicated team of experts will curate a unique and effective SEO campaign for your business.

Cost-effective & multiple Packages Our high end and innovative solutions are highly cost-effective. We ensure that every penny you put in delivers output. We provide various packages with different services, all at reasonable prices. Once you put money on our trust, you'll always be proud of your results. Packages can be customized according to your specific requirements.

Transparency We deliver what we promise. We understand your domain well and then make promises with expected results. We do not want to make any false promises, and therefore, we keep transparency with our process, progress, and results.

Experienced SEO We are one of the most experienced SEO agencies in Salt Lake City. We have learned via challenges, and therefore, we know problems and their solutions. No question will go unsolved at our doors.

SEO services are a hidden gem of the industry. As the internet is expanding, SEO will become more productive. At JDM, we believe in continuous learning. We provide training to our people to learn the latest digital marketing concepts. Our minds, as well as tools, are always updated to the latest instalments in the market.

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