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If you are looking for local SEO services Santa Ana, JDM Web Technologies can be your go-to solution to give your business the much needed digital boost. In this era of social media and having an online presence, a well designed and SEO friendly website is a must alongside other online listing and pages of your business. Target specific seo marketing strategies that are designed to ensure that you get exposure from the right people; we have all types of solutions that you need to see your website at the top of the chart.

The perks of choosing JDM Web Technologies

There are several benefits of choosing JDM Web Technologies for Santa Ana SEO services to boost your business. We provide the services locally as well as in regions around Santa Ana and aim towards creating a brand name for your company. From building a website from the scratch to providing sensible and compelling content, we have just about everything you require to have an impactful presence online.

Here’s why you will benefit from choosing our services:

Analysing and consultingThe first and foremost thing we do for any client is to analyse their business and its intricacies to determine the right way for optimizing their website. Once we have analyzed their business thoroughly, we will provide consultation regarding the roadmap of seo strategy to keep them updated and the clients can take the final call after which we will start working on the project.

Get more organic traffic Leads and potential clients come from the organic traffic that your website enjoys and this is only possible when your website is easily visible and searchable in the various platforms. We are a top SEO Company Santa Ana and promise our clients a regular flow of organic traffic which will make their website one of the top results in any search engines.

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BrandingWhen your business earns the status of a brand, you will get more opportunities and prospects and also recognition from regions around Santa Ana too. Our focus is to make your business well-known and promote it in such a way that a brand identity is created for you.

Attractive websiteA well designed and beautiful website which can be navigated easily is the key to getting more traffic and retaining the visitors on your website. We can build such a website from a scratch for you or revamp your existing website and fix any problem it presently has.

The workflow

The workflow or the method of managing the services JDM Web Technologies provide you determines the success of your website. There are different types of services that are essential to make your website appear at the top of the search engine pages. Being a top SEO Company Santa Ana, JDM Web Technologies have a simple workflow that is well organized and managed. The following are the steps to make your website searchable.

Analyze The first step towards making your website a success is analysing the business so that custom services can be provided to the clients. The website design and SEO strategy will be determined accordingly keeping the business structure in mind.

Design The design of the website is important to make sure your visitors go through the pages thoroughly and are retained. When the visitors are retained for a longer period of time, your website will have lower bounce rate and hence it will be more and more visible to those who are searching for similar websites.

Revamp Existing business websites which do not get enough back links and views are revamped by JDM Web Technologies and we try our best to tweak the UI and UX of the website to make it easier to find in the search engines. Revamping involves altering the aesthetics of your website as well so that it appears appealing to the users.

Content The content is an important aspect of your website to draw more loyal clients and viewers. At JDM Web Technologies, we provide high-quality content that are relevant to your business and our writers will work at close association with you to make sure that the best content can be delivered for your business website.

Link building The website will get more exposure and views when you have more and more people linking back or sharing your content and website on other platforms. This is very effective in getting more leads from relevant sources and giving your business a boost.

Analytics We help to prepare a periodic report on the progress of your website and this is done through various different analytical tools. The analytics of your website will help you to take the business decisions accordingly.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Our commitment to our clients

JDM Web Technologies is a reputed SEO Agency Santa Ana and we promise the best results to our clients. We set realistic goals that can be quickly achieved and hence you can get to see significant results in a short span of time. The following are a few things that you can expect from us when we commit to providing you all the services you need for a successful online marketing of your business:

High traffic

The first and foremost concern of all clients we get is that they do not get enough traffic to their website. We make sure that the traffic is significantly boosted in minimum time by recognizing the problems that were hindering the traffic flow.


We promote your website such that your business becomes well known far and wide and this is essential in order to be established in any location. We aim at giving you a brand name which will be instantly recognized by any person who comes across your content.


Besides the clients, you can also get investors for your business that will be interested in working with you and provide you with financial aid as well as help your business to grow.


If you have any type of products and services that you need to update and promote, JDM Web Technologies can do it on your behalf and do so smoothly.

JDM Web technologies provide the services for a strong web presence and you can easily seek our services by getting in touch with us through the phone as well as email.

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