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JDM Web Technologies is a proliferating and rapidly transitioning as the best SEO firm in Surprise, USA. We have our roots from Florida, USA. Being here in Surprise, we understand the way the internet is used here locally and what are the activities performed by users in each domain. Therefore, we are aware of the linguistic literacy of the region, which gives us a better edge than any other digital marketing or SEO services in Surprise.

Digital marketing is growing exponentially, and every firm wants to implement digital marketing. It is because of the smoothness with which it can be performed, and ROI is high. It isn’t false. By adequately defining and implementing strategies, we can help you grow your revenue from nothing to one of the best in your domain.

White Hat SEO services

There are two types of SEO services – Black hat SEO and White hat SEO services. Black hat SEO services involved ethical as well as non-ethical SEO techniques that bypass the algorithms of search engines.

We are a responsible business and do not wish to do any harm to our clients. Therefore, we use White Hat SEO services and techniques, which means ethical SEO and digital marketing practices that follow the guidelines, rules, and regulations of Google and other search engines. There are many regulations that the Google algorithm has defined; it includes:

  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Keyword research
  • Schema usage
  • Backlinks and link building
  • User-friendliness

In White hat SEO, the quality of the content plays the most crucial role. Also, few other factors play a significant role, such as – 3rd party support, links, social media presence, new releases, webpage structure, business listings, and structured mark-up.

We at JDM Web Technologies, being one of the most reputed White Hat SEO companies in Surprise, ensure that all the requirements of the search engine algorithm are fulfilled to achieve a better rank and ultimately gain better results. We also stay updated with the regulations and conditions of the latest Google algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

Such SEO services provide quick results, but results are not guaranteed and not long-term effects. In fact, it may lead to your website getting banned, and if your website is banned on Google, it will lead to a loss of enormous opportunity. Most of the people across the globe use Google as the leading search engine. It is better not to mess with the Google search engine.

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YouTube SEO services

It is doubtful that you’re reading this, and you don’t know what YouTube is? You may be aware of what YouTube is, but you may not be aware of what it can do to your business? It has the tools, technique, and power to take your business sales to the sky. It is the second-most used search engine, only behind the parent Google. There are millions of videos on YouTube. But that’s not the concern for you and us. Our focus is on billions of users and subscribers who watch these videos. Fan and followers base is enormous. Nearly 30 million users visit YouTube daily.

We have proven experience in YouTube video optimization, enhancing the features of videos and posts to gain better visibility. Video scripting, explainer video making, improving click-through rates, increasing engagement, and many more services are available under our basket.

Following are the complicated things in YouTube SEO that we take care:

  • CTR: Click-Through Rates: We make sure that your videos have high CTR. This is done by including the right keywords in the video titles, finding competitor’s plans, video thumbnails, and using CTR booster tools.
  • Metadata descriptions
  • Auditing current strategies
  • Keyword research
  • Content scheduling
  • Video scripting (via 3rd party)
  • Video editing (via 3rd party)

We take care of all these services for you and ensure that your videos reach the best audience in the minimum time.

Local SEO services

In today’s time, SEO services are going international. Honestly, it all depends upon your area of operation and how big your business is. If you want your store or shop to be searched by users in your nearby cities or local regions, the best option for you is local SEO services in Surprise.

Let’s say you’re a big saloon chain having nearly 20 stores all over the country. In Surprise, you have three shops. A user searches for a saloon shop in a particular area, which is just 0.5 km away from your place. He types ‘Saloon near me”. If you have local SEO services opted, your name will immediately appear in front of the user with all details, and there are high chances that he will opt for your assistance.

The chances of whether your name will appear on top depend on the ranking of your business. Three significant factors define how good your business will perform in local search – Proximity, prominence, and relevance.

Proximity takes location into account and checks how near your business is to the location of the user. Relevance considers the match of your business to the need of the customer. Prominence recognizes the importance and quality of your business. There are many sub-factors to achieve these features and improve visibility: title tag, alt tag, Meta description, long-tail keywords, backlinks, and schema.

We understand that this may seem too technical for you to follow. Still, our team has been performing this over the years, and many of our clients have gained popularity over Google Maps and other places since they opted for our services as an SEO agency in Surprise.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why Trust Us?

Advanced Technology – With the use of cutting-edge technology and high-end tools, we have brought laurels to all our clients to date. We keep updating all our resources and members with the knowledge of the latest technology, the latest issues, and the latest trends in the market. This makes us better than anyone else and best for you.

Timely delivery – We have one of the best digital marketing based project management. We implement your projects in the most sophisticated manner, which helps us to deliver you the results on-time. We understand that if time is missed in the field of digital marketing, it can cause adverse results. Therefore, we take the utmost care of the time.

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