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JDM Web Technologies is a rapidly growing digital marketing and SEO service in Thornton, USA. We have our headquarters in Florida, USA. We are a one-stop solution for all digital marketing related solutions to improve the business of organizations. Whatever be the current level of a company’s marketing, we make sure that we take it to the sky. With the expertise we have gained over the years working with many companies, we have made them proud of their own business as well as us. We are a trusted SEO agency in Thornton, who is always ready to stretch beyond the limits to get the desired results.

Digital marketing is a growing field. With the increase in the use of the internet over the years and the advent of new technologies in the digital world, SEO services have become very important for businesses of all scales. Be it a medium or small scale enterprise, a giant conglomerate, or a small shop; we have reasonable and cost-effective solutions and strategies for all. We do not brag, our results with all our previous and existing clients say so. After all, results speak for themselves.

Numerous services come under the umbrella of digital marketing and SEO services. At our door, all these services are arranged in different packages suitable for different businesses. So, let us go through a brief of the services that we offer.

Our Services


PPC is one of the most heard words in the field of digital marketing in the last two years. As Google is bringing up new tools of online marketing every other day, and strengthening its algorithm. PPC has become one of the most effective tools in the last two years. In Pay per click, your ad is displayed as a sponsored ad on SERP via Google Adwords service, and whenever a user clicks on the service, you pay a certain amount to Google.

It looks pretty simple to define, but tricky to execute. It includes many complications such as keyword research, keyword bidding, quality score, CPC bid, and many other things. We will explain to you every single detail and help you build a concrete strategy when you’re our customer. Some may think why to pay only for user visits? What if a customer visits the product page but doesn’t buy it? But, imagine if he buys. For example, if a user clicks on your ad and reaches your website, you pay $5 to Google, and if the customer buys your product of $500, the amount is covered. If you get ten buyers, you’ve to pay Google only equivalent to 1 buyer’s profit. The rest all is yours. This is a pretty quick and safe way to get your business ahead in the game.

We help you define a proper and smooth strategy so that you get actual buyers and more visitors so that you can earn more profit out of investing your bucks in PPC.

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Social Media Management

Social media management is another tool that is outgrowing all other means due to the increasing popularity and dependency of people on social media platforms. There are many excellent social media platforms today that can be used as different marketing media. All the media can be called as ‘Social’ for users, but for companies, it is called as ‘marketing media.’

In social media management, we take care of all the activities and content on your social media handles. Be it posting text content, video, or pictures, we take care of quantity as well as a quality that reaches the user and puts a seed of need in their mind. Just posting content isn’t enough; the content must pop up grain in the spirit of users to feel the need for your product or service.

At JDM Web Technologies, we also ensure consistency and regularity of the posts, timely response, and feedback to customers and keep them happy. We are sure our SMM services will uplift the image of your brand. As a local SEO service in Thornton, we ensure more local users on social media get connected to you so that they can feel the connectivity at all times.

White Hat SEO services

There are two types of SEO Services, White Hat and Black Hat. In simple, the difference is about ethics. White Hat SEO services are ethical SEO services that follow the rules and guidelines of the search engines. As the years are progressing, the Google algorithm is getting healthier with new regulations and guidelines. Google is also one of the most used search engines in the world. Thus, not following Google search engine rules and guidelines can result in a massive drop in customer engagement.

Following are the expectations of the Google algorithm:

  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Focus on user-friendliness
  • Keyword research
  • Use Schema
  • Link Building

As one of the most reputed and leading digital marketing SEO Company in Thornton, we make sure we engage on white hat ethical services and use them to win the trust of the Google search engine. Also, remember, black hat SEO services can give you quick results, but those won’t be long term results.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why trust us?

There are many reasons to trust us. But some ideas have evolved out of our core values and beliefs, let us help you understand us more.

Value for money We ask for the price of worth. Being the most reputed SEO firm in Thornton, our services are at one of the most reasonable and competitive prices in the market at the best experience. Also, we understand the value of your dollars that you’re investing. Thus we don’t disappoint any of our customers and are flexible as per the needs of customers.

Transparency Transparency is our core value that each person at JDM profoundly believes in. We share all the reports, plans, strategies, and results with our customers at every point during the projects. To help our clients understand the growth, we provide real-time monitoring and weekly progress reports. And we assure you that all the reports and results are transparently conveyed. After all, results will speak for themselves.

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