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JDM Web Technology is a one-for-all SEO service in digital marketing, content marketing, and SEO services in Yonkers. We are leaders of the market to provide these solutions that lead businesses to new scales and higher revenues. Digital marketing and SEO services are one of the most important and trending techniques of marketing.

When you are looking for your business to scale up the heights of revenue, sales, and success, you will need to squeeze all the resources that you have. To squeeze the digital marketing resource and get the juice out of it, you'll need professional services. That needs expertise. No matter what your business is, JDM Web Technologies help you to provide the expertise. We share our knowledge with our customers to benefit them as well as ourselves. We always look forward to the win-win situation.

With our expertise and experience in the domain of digital marketing, especially local SEO services in Yonkers, we bring higher profitability, more customers, and value for money to you. When you're at our door, we make sure that we put up all our efforts to help you win the race and be the leader in the long term.

We offer various services such as local SEO services, pay per click, online reputation management, brand management, social media optimization, white hat SEO, etc. Our cutting-edge technology and high-end tools for each of these services help us get the desired results for you. Once you're ready to put the foot on the paddle, our technical managers are prepared to assist you step-by-step to implement an SEO strategy.

Let's take a more profound insight at some of our services.

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Our services

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media is the power of today's time. Social media can make or break a person or business in no time. We understand this power and how it plays a significant role in defining success. We provide social media optimization services, where we help you to build a better online presence on social media platforms consistently.

Social media, it is essential to understand what your customers need and their likes and dislikes. We have analyzed this over the years and have the expertise to optimize the content and look of your social handle. We take care of the written content so that it engages people and is suitable for search engines as well. Next, we take care of the visuals, images, videos, and gifs to increase engagement and fire a spark in users to explore your products and services.

Another perk of our service includes consistency in posting content at suitable times. It becomes equally important to respond to your customers, and enquires as quickly as possible. We make sure we do that for you as best SEO company in Yonkers.

Pay-per-click services

Pay-per-click is one of the best and latest tools of digital marketing and SEO. Your ad is placed on a search engine, and whenever a user clicks on the ad, you (advertiser) is supposed to pay some amount to the search engine (ex. Google).

To do this, firstly, we modify your content to include the best performing keywords that have a higher possibility of being used by a user during the search. Once the keywords are identified and contained in your content, we place a bid on the keyword. Your quality score is determined by the ranking of your website, its contents, and its performance. Based on these two factors, the search engine determines the Ad ranking. It is the product of the CPC bid and Quality Score. When your score is high, your ad will show up in SERP on top.

As an experienced SEO firm in Yonkers, we reserve expertise in designing the pay-per-click campaign specifically to suit your website as well as the search engine. It gets more visitors and valuable customers to you in very less time and saves the time of the user as well.

Amazon SEO services

Just as a person goes to Google to search for any term, people tend to use Amazon to search for products nowadays. If your business is product-based, this service is a must for you. There are thousands of similar products available on Amazon related to your category. A strategy needs to be always planned to make sure that your product shows up on top of Amazon's search results.

Determines the raking of your product based on the content you provide, images, and reviews from users. We create an Amazon SEO services campaign to take care of many perks. Your product's title description, high-quality image of the product, specifications, neatly arranged text description, benefits, price, and reviews will determine if the user visits your page or not. We optimize your product page based on all these points and make sure you win the customers.

Work Process

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Improving site usability
Analysis of results

Why Choose Us?

Transparent We maintain transparency with our clients. We make sure that every step, every strategy for the campaign, tools, results, progress, reports are known to you. For the same reason, we regularly provide updates to our customers with honesty and full transparency. After all, there is no point in hiding and defending anything. Results will tell the truth automatically.

Latest technology To be the best SEO agency in Yonkers, we like to stay ahead in the market. We continuously keep an eye on the market to adopt the newest technology and pass-on the benefits to you as well. We make sure that our technical team who works closely with you is updated with all skills, and all resources are in place. It is better to be one step ahead and walk than to be two steps behind and try to jump.

Affordable Whether you're a big multinational firm, middle enterprise, or a small shop, we're here for you. We treat all our customers equally, and we have solutions for all. Our solutions are much affordable for all business types. We also promise that a low-cost solution and high-cost solution are provided to clients with the same level of quality. We do not compromise with quality. Our different package is defined at different prices; most of them are affordable easily. If you have a specific requirement that is not listed in our package, we provide customized packages also.

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