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Small Business SEO Services

In today’s business world SEO Services has become quite a necessity for small business owners. Thus, finding affordable small business SEO services can be a challenge due to the limited budgets for SEO or promotional campaigns.

SEO for Small Business is a continuous process involving advance On-Page and Off-Page SEO Solutions and updates. At JDM Web Technologies, we offer SEO for small business, and we guarantee that our packages will suit your budget.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the activity to improve search engine rankings. There are some links to pages that Google considers relevant and authoritative and they are displayed on the top of the search results of Google.

SEO is an excellent opportunity for small business. SEO is a long-term strategy, but when properly implemented, you will see great results. There are many misconceptions about SEO that it is high priced and that it only works for big business organizations. In reality, SEO is essential even for small businesses. If a website is not optimized correctly, then there is a chance that it might never be found in search engine result page.

Why Small Businesses Need SEO?

Surviving as a small company in this competitive world is very hard. You have to face the same difficulties as big companies when you don’t have many resources. We understand you might not be having the budget for advertising and marketing on a large scale and that is why you need SEO. If you want to have a chance to stand out, you need an effective SEO plan. We are a pioneer Small business SEO Company so that we can lend a helping hand to you.

SEO for small business owners is necessary because:

  • SEO will help you to create a faster, better and user-friendly website.
  • It will help you gain better ranking in search engine result pages and this result in more visits by the customers.
  • SEO is highly measurable. Every aspect of SEO efforts can be measured and tracked.
  • It helps you to improve the quality of your website traffic.
  • SEO increases your brand awareness through higher ranking. If your page appears on the first page of top search engines, your customers will trust your brand.
  • An SEO optimized website gets higher organic traffic which gives you relevant traffic that converts into sales.

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Our Technical Small Business SEO Services Includes:

It is essential that you understand what specific services we will be providing to you for your small business SEO marketing. The services we offer are as follows:

Keywords Research
Right Keywords

Researching the right keywords which are related to your product or services, and already being searched by other people, and yet have only medium and low-level competition.

Writing Articles

Writing articles which are based on the latest topics, keywords and then having them published online. It will be a part of Off-Page SEO strategies which will provide much exposure for your small business SEO Promotion.

Website Auditing

Website auditing to incorporate the target keywords into your site in an easy going and natural way. JDM Web Technologies does not use tricks like, for instance, 'keyword stuffing', which can result in having a negative impact on your search engine ranking. The researched keywords can also get used in the webpage’s descriptions and their titles.

Social Media
Social Media Optimization

Use popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase your brand awareness. Generate user engagement for your brand. We provide you the detailed monthly reports to let you understand in what way your investment is being used.

Customized SEO Services For Your Small Business

Selecting Keywords We start the process of keywords research and analysis. It is essential that you set realistic goals for your target audience. It is important to note that local SEO plays a significant factor because much time small business organizations will have a limited region of operation and they will not be present globally. Local SEO will help to provide you maximum returns for your investment. It is essential for you to know that proper keyword selection is vital for your success. For instance, if you are a dentist practicing in a Tier 2 city in the USA and you want to do an SEO for your clinic, then it will be better if you focus in that city-specific region, rather than on the whole of United States. The main keywords for this case will be something like “Dentist in this city or state.” So if you did a global SEO here and not the local SEO, then it will not bring you the right target visitors to your clinic website.

Content Is Important For SEO Many search engines prefer those contents which are new and unique, and it also has to be relevant to that business in which they deal in and even to that region in which they belong. We optimized the website's services and products pages with excellent and relevant content, H1 Tags, Title Tags, and Meta Descriptions.

Building Links Small business SEO requires link building to be done differently. The website needs to gain the backlinks from the local business listing sites, directories of companies, forums, and local classifieds. The region of the business’ operation gets included in the keywords, the titles, and content.

Traffic Should Be Relevant Getting relevant traffic on your website is essential. For instance, if your small business firm is getting good traffic through a global SEO, then it would be important to note how many of these visitors are actually from the local region where you are serving because it is only these people from the local areas who will bring you sales. Thus, optimizing your site for local SEO is the most important aspects of small business SEO services.

Why Choose JDM As Your Small Business SEO Company?

SEO is a continuous activity, and if you hire a reliable SEO company, you won’t miss any opportunities. JDM Web Technologies is one of the best SEO companies for small business.

We understand how every business is different and that is why we have a number of business SEO services that are suitable according to your needs and are designed to boost your business:

  • Keyword research, analysis, and optimization
  • Auditing your website to incorporate keywords in the right places.
  • Server analysis and reporting
  • Weekly updates on ranking for specific keywords.
  • Generating backlinks for your site.
  • Increasing your brand’s exposure by using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

SEO is a powerful way of defining your business. Choosing JDM Web Technologies for small business SEO services is the ideal choice. Before even changing a single keyword, we understand the goals of our clients and then make an SEO plan. We treat your website like our own. Hence, we will put in all our efforts to help your business meet its goals.

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We offer a range of Digital Marketing services at affordable prices for small-scale business owners, and we guarantee that we will make your business grow more and generate more revenues. Our Small Business SEO experts at JDM Web Technologies are aware of the most effective methods to get your website optimized and get you high search engine rankings.

SEO Packages For Small Business

  • 4 Keywords
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Optimization : 2 Pages
  • Heading Tags Optimization
  • 6 Keywords
  • Content Optimization : 2 Pages
  • XML Sitemap Optimization
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • 8 Keywords
  • In-Depth Site Analysis
  • Content Optimization : 6 Pages
  • Broken Links Check
All Packages Included
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Initial Ranking
  • Blog: 300 Words Article: 400-500 Words Content
  • Content Optimization
  • Heading Tags Optimization
  • ALT Tags Optimization
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Verification
  • Google My Business Setup Verification
  • Local Business Directory/ Citations
  • Company Profile Listing
  • Classified Submissions
  • Monthly Reporting
  • True 24 X 7 customer support