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Social Media (SMO) Packages

Get the Strong Presence in Social Media Platforms with Our SMO Packages. We, at JDM Web Technologies, have entirely understood the need of making a strong presence in the social media platforms and so, we have some of the best SMO packages that will help you to make a mark in the social media platforms and get broader visibility and popularity for your products/services.

Social Media Marketing (SMO) Plans and Pricing

PRICE PER MONTH $299 $499 $799
Initial Facebook Account Setup
Facebook Business Page Setup
Facebook Business Page Design
Wall Posting
Total Likes
Profile Pic
Theme Related Cover Photo
Facebook Groups
Facebook Friends
Facebook Video Uploads
Post Sharing in Groups
Facebook Review Postings
Polls Creation & Management
Sponsored Ads (Additional Cost)
Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
Twitter Account Setup
Twitter Profile Design
Cover Pic
Twitter Profile Content Writing
Weekly Tweets
Twitter Followers On Mothly Basis
#hashtag Trend Research
Twitter Analytics Monitoring
Vanity URL
Google+ Account Setup
Post Regular Updates
Theme Releted Cover Photo
Group Creation
Community Join
Targeted Followers
Post Sharing in Groups
Website Verification
Video Sharing
Google Review Postings
Google+ Followers
Vanity URL
Polls Creation & Management
Google Insight Monitoring
Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
Linkedin Profile Creation
Regular Updates
Customer Reviews/Ratings Submissions
Linkedin Account Management
Company Page Follower Increase
Company page creative banner
Vanity URL
Youtube Channel Optimization
Channel Creative Upload
Video Uploads(provided by client)
Video Promotion
Video Title & Meta Optimization
Thumbnail Creative for Videos
Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Discussion Posting
Youtube Video Views
Comment Moderation
Vanity URL
Profile Optimization
Instagram Image Sharing
Targeted Instagram Followers Increase
#hashtag Trend Research
Comments & Likes Management [Engagement strategy]
Image Tagging to Friends/Followers [Increase Reach]
Instagram Analytics Monitoring
Profile Optimization
Board Creation
Pins Posted
Website Verification
Business Account
Monthly Activity Report
Payment Method Payment Method
SEO Plans and Pricing

Reasons to Choose Our SMO Packages

At JDM Web Technologies, we have designed our social media optimization packages carefully to suit different kinds of businesses. Not just business owners, SMO packages will also benefit the non-profitable organizations. We have worked with many non-profit and profitable organizations to help them to strengthen their social media presence. Our SMO packages include all the essential things that help a business to gain better social recognition or exposure. It is to be remembered that good social exposure helps businesses to move to a next level which they can capitalize to enhance sales as well as brand values.

Social media optimization is beneficial, but choosing the right SMO package is more important. Our SMO packages are designed to suit different organizations or businesses. From small to large, various companies are benefitted by our correctly develop social media optimization packages. Here are some of the features of SMO plans.

Increased Traffic
Regulate Business Updates

A business has to stay in connection with targeted audiences. That is why social media platform is much required. SMO platform gives a perfect representation for your business updates. Eventually, it will help your business to progress with having better public relations.

Manage Your Content
Create Brand Recognition

Your business shall be recognized as a brand name with the help of right SMO Services that will be budget friendly. The packages are primarily designed to deliver a good result concerning brand identity. Proper brand recognition can help the businesses to gain better sales or revenue earning the opportunity.

User Experience
Promote New Product

Social media optimization is vital for promoting new products. When a business takes the risk of launching a new product, it faces particular challenges. Hence, in dealing with these challenges, product promotion is essential. Nevertheless, it is necessary to create awareness regarding the marketing of the product. Potential buyers sometimes do not understand the usefulness of the products. With social media marketing process, that can be ensured. Our SMO Services Packages have been designed to support such kinds of businesses.

User Experience
Maintain Business Reputation

Social media optimization can be used for maintaining a business reputation. At the same time, it is essential to increase your business reputation. You can easily make your business more powerful as a brand name through a good or positive reputation.

User Experience
Promote Business Events

A business involves many activities. It is also important to promote these activities so that followers or fans can know about your company. Nevertheless, it helps in building good public relations and user engagement. The most important thing is that your business events will be promoted and from there you can draw more customers.

User Experience
Find More Investors

While Best SEO Service Provider focuses on enhancing the number of organic visitors for your website, SMO focuses on more crucial things such as brand reputation. It puts attention in the process of finding more potential investors for your business. Not just investors, potential business partners and other essential business associates can easily be found through social media optimization process.

User Experience
Enhance Business Revenue

If SEO Services is not satisfactory enough in terms of enhancing business revenues, you need to opt for our SMO packages so that your business can reach the desired limit for revenue and brand awareness.

Why Choose JDM Web Technologies for Social Media Marketing?

At JDM Web Technologies, we are poised with excellent knowledge as well as the expertise to deliver the best SMO services to our clients. We are a team of professional SEO Experts, who are always keen to achieve better business marketing results through SMO packages. Choosing our SMO packages can be a game-changing decision for your business. If your business has not found enough scope to promote itself as a brand, you need to focus on the social media marketing campaign for your business. For effective social media marketing, you can choose us. Here are some of the reasons why we are perfectly suitable for you.

We are a team of experienced SMO Experts, who are always poised with exceptional knowledge and seamless expertise in the SMO Services. Being an effortless service provider, we have designed our SMO packages meticulously to support small to large scale businesses.

Providing customized services is our aim. The SMO services packages have been designed in that way by our experts. The customized packages of our SMO service prove to be completely boons for the small to large scale businesses.

At JDM Web Technologies, We always make strategies for the social media optimization campaigns and work accordingly. The aim is to deliver the best support to the clients with our tactical social media optimization results.

We focus on giving your competitive advantages. That means our packages are designed to assure competitive benefits to clients with precision. Every business tries to beat the rival businesses. With our social media optimization campaign, you shall surely gain the competitive edge over the rivals.

Overall, as a best social media optimization service provider, we are there to assure the best possible service with perfection. We have a team of talents personnel, who are creative and thirsty for knowledge. We guarantee you the best results with higher achievement in the Social media marketing services.

Advantages of Choosing Our Best SMO Packages

When it comes to choosing affordable SMO packages, many businesses put their bets on us. We have always been recognized as a best SEO service provider that intends maintaining the highest level of transparency. Maintaining transparency is the key to gaining the attention and trust of the other businesses. As a result, we are always keen to keep transparency so that a long-term relationship with clients can be created. The effect of a long-term relationship will result in the best business returns.

Choosing the right SMO package is a matter of challenge for many businesses. They find it quite struggling to find the right service provider to run their SMO campaigns. For running SMO campaigns, many factors are there. Understanding these factors is essential. We, on your behalf, will manage the social media campaign for your business. We shall take care of small to large business requirements. Here are some of the advantages that you can attain by choosing us.


Affordability at Its Best

We ensure service at your affordability. We have tailor-made packages for social media optimization services for the clients. You can check the best SMO packages and match your expectation for affordability. For small-scale business, running social media campaigns turn up a critical job. However, it will get more comfortable with our affordable social media marketing packages.


Customized Solutions

We believe in serving our clients, as per their requirements. We recognize that every business has a unique set of potentials. Thus, they need to be nurtured accordingly. A business has to be marketed as its potentials and strengths. We offer SMO packages that can easily be customized.


Well Managed Campaign

We have the experience to run different kinds of social media campaigns. Different businesses need different types of campaigning strategies. We offer well managed SMO campaigns and affordable SMO packages. As a best SMO service provider, we are always committed to the service that we provide.


Assured Results

There are a few companies which can assure results with social media campaigns. JDM Web Technologies is one of those companies that have the assurance of providing top-notch results. We are target oriented service providers, and we have confidence in the results with our SMO packages for your business.


Focusing on the Brands Name

The primary focus has been given on creating brand identity. To build brand recognition or reputation, we need to focus on many things. As a veteran service provider, we do that with top-notch convenience.

Offshore Managing SMO Campaigners

As an offshore unit, we have gained an excellent reputation as well as great appreciation. As a reputed service provider, we are focused on providing effortless services. When you choose our social media optimization packages, we take care of your whole business marketing campaign on social media. From small to large things, every crucial aspect of your business campaigning via social media have been managed with seamlessness. We are one of the best offshore social media campaigners these days. We are proud to be poised with two crucial things. One is our team of experts who are dedicated and relentless in delivering the best solutions. The second thing is all about our infrastructure. Supreme and talented workforce paired with good infrastructure makes a perfect combination for seamless offshore SMO Services.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying SMO Packages

Regarding our SMO service, clients have a lot of questions and queries. We are always free to answer these questions. However, to bring more convenience, we have listed some frequently asked questions to us regarding our effortless SMO Services. Find these FAQs and their potential answers.

We have designed our affordable SMO Packages for everyone, starting with small-scale businesses and ending to large-scale companies. Not just successful organizations, non-profit companies can also be benefitted immensely. Our service is focused on everyone. So, no matter what kind of organization you run, you would find us to be useful for your business campaigning purpose via social media.

There is not a single package. We have designed different SMO Packages that show different cost. Nevertheless, these packages can be customized, and in that case, the price of the package will vary as per the customizations. To find details in this regard, you can send us an email for the quotes. We are also available on the phone calls.

Our social media optimization packages can prove to be useful for you from different aspects. An organization or unit always searches for good recognition. To gain good recognition, our social media marketing packages are highly recommended. These packages have been designed to provide complete convenience to the clients. The main aim is to promote businesses as brands. To develop brand names, you need to focus on your business marketing campaign. This is what we do for you through our social media campaigning packages.

All our SMO packages have by keeping the business marketing aspects in mind. The packages are different in terms of cost or budget. To suit different clients, they have been designed in different ways. So, you need to choose a package as per your budget suitability. If you have low budgeting concerns, you need to pick low budget packages. If you do not have budget concerns, we recommend you to go for our best premium package for aggressive social media campaigning and agile business brand identity development.

We understand that competition is essential today from all aspects. Thus giving a competitive edge to our clients has always been the top-notch priority of our business. We prioritize the need of your business, and we understand the kind of competition that you face. Based on the competition level, SMO campaign has been planned. So, overall we aim to deliver the highest competitive edge with perfection.

As a veteran company, we have worked with both small and large scale businesses. Small-scale businesses face many issues concerning the budget when it comes to finding suitable social media optimization packages. However, that could be the case with other companies. We are entirely different in this matter. We are well-trained and perfectly poised with as a reputed service provider. We provide you the most suitable business marketing packages with social media. These packages are designed to suit different kinds of businesses.

These packages put you in the right positions to make the most sales. The majority of products purchased online begin with a search engine inquiry. Marketing research tells us that shoppers usually only click on the first three options given to them by the search engine. Therefore, your business must be one of the first three results listed in a shopper’s search of keywords related to your business. This is what e-commerce SEO Packages do. They make sure that you are listed in the top three search results. This is accomplished primarily through sound keyword research.

If SEO Packages function as they are intents, the revenue that they bring in will more than compensate the cost of the SEO services. And, keep in mind that JDM Web Technologies offers some of the most competitive prices in the SEO Packages business.
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As a veteran SMO Service provider, JDM Web Technologies is always concerned in making or establishing good communication with clients. We help you to create a good business reputation and brand exposure so that web traffic can be enhanced and business brand value can be increased. Call us or send an email to us to know more about the SMO Packages and Pricing.