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Template Based Website

We at JDM Web Technologies believe in full transparency. This methodology is reflected in our workflow process where we try to involve the client fully. We believe in disclosure and protection of terms guarding the privacy of the visitors of the website and the clients. Pertaining to that, here are terms of our privacy policy.

What Is Template Based Website?

In today’s Digital Marketing Trends, when a business caters to the global village, it is essential to have an online presence. Being online connects you to the world in a matter of minutes. Online visibility is of prime importance today to expand the scope of your business. Thus, you should make a website that offers your products and services to the users.

Using a Template based Website is much like using a Stencil for your artwork. It is a pre-designed website in different patterns to cater to different kind of industries. A responsive web design template is essential for any company. In fact, it is easier to work with a template which has been created specifically for your industry. For example, a corporate website Template would have a list of directors’ names which will not be required by a proprietorship concern. You can customize these websites according to your taste and preferences. You can also include or remove something completely. Depending on the kind of business that you have, you can choose a template which suits you best. It is but obvious that a hotel and a hospital will have completely different websites and can’t use the same template. We at JDM Web Technologies provide an exhaustive list of corporate website templates as well as other patterns which cater to almost all the industries. Our responsive web design templates will give you a lot of options to choose from.

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The Advantage Of A Template Based Website

Depending on the clients’ requirements, we have developed a line of template-based websites. These website templates have become very popular recently. They are faster and easier to work with, saving essential time for our clients. While the options of customizations are pretty good, these are perfect for those who are looking for a website which is simple to use, has all the essentials, and is quick to launch. These responsive web design templates also are cost-effective. We also have corporate website templates which look just like a custom website.


Difference Between Template Based Website and Custom Website

When one decides to launch a website, the priority is always to get the website up and ready in minimum time. In such a situation, when online presence is of utmost importance, most wouldn’t bother to differentiate between a custom website or a template based website. It is important then to understand the difference between both so that you take an informed decision and not just blindly say yes to the programmer you have approached.

The basic difference between a Custom website and a template one is the time it requires to go live. A custom website is the one that a web developer designs from scratch. It needs complete designing and programming. It also needs to run a couple of times to fix bugs, if any. As it is designed from scratch, it takes a lot of time. One cannot be sure from Day 1 what it will look like or how responsive it will be. It also needs continuous inputs from the client regarding their requirements. In these websites, editing is generally made after the website is ready to be launched since the client can’t visualize what the final product will be.

A template-based website, on the other hand, is right there in front of you. All you need to do is select the design. Once the design is chosen, you can customize the website to make it unique for your product. You have the themes at hand. You don’t need to follow the trial and error method to understand what works best. Everything has been tried and tested and is right there for you to grab. It requires very little time to customize. Even the efforts required by the programmer or website developer is not that much, making it less taxing and relatively fast. You also know how responsive web design template it is from stage 1. Since the template is already there, the client knows exactly what the website will look like, what customizations are required and above all, inputs required become comparatively less. It requires very little or no editing after the website is developed completely because the client can give all inputs from stage 1.

Why Hire Us?

At JDM Web Technologies we provide you with website templates that are highly efficient, functional, all mobile and browser responsive websites and easy to use. With our unique user interface, our responsive web design templates are equally customizable as a custom website in half the time. Our team of expert web developers is highly skilled and their vast experience is sure to give you complete satisfaction in terms of the website quality and support.

We offer a wide variety of services depending on your requirements. Our packages have been segregated into three categories;


The corporates deal with a business which has a large client base. They also have a strong workforce. These require a website which can accommodate the needs of all divisions. An ideal for such are our range of corporate website templates which cater to various businesses.


This is for businesses which are small-scale and have limited employees. These businesses either have limited vendors or have limited products. Since they deal in specific numbers, their website requirements are also just basics.


An e-commerce website requires a long list of product details, making the website quite complex to design. The requirements here tend to differ only in the terms of traffic it can handle.

Our Services

Like any other web designing company, we also offer our services in a wide range of products. However, we do believe in creating long term relationship with our customers and thus Quality and timely delivery are our priorities. Our services as related to the Template Based Website include the following

  • Website Designing and Customizing
  • Website Hosting
  • Theme Based Website
  • No Long Term Contract Required
  • Smooth Content Management System
  • Free Support & Updates
  • Forums and Blogs
  • Website responsive to various devices like desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Search engine optimization in a friendly way
  • Email addresses and Social Media Integration
  • Dynamic Lead Capturing Contact us Form
  • Google Maps and Analytics Integration
  • XML Sitemap and Google Webmaster Setup

A mobile responsive website with easy to navigate is the key to a successful business owner. A Mobile and iPad responsive design to users deliver the company’s message clearly to its consumers. It must be objective, concise and functional. We at JDM Web Technologies pride ourselves in giving our clients all this and much more. Drop us an email to get a FREE quote!

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